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North Korea

The past few weeks I have had a number of people inbox me asking about the vision that I had in 2004 about North Korea.  I had posted it on my blog shortly after an act of terrorism happened in Greece in 2007.  See excerpt below:

“Greece, North Korea, CTR: Prepare to Love the People”

Three events were shown to me.  An act of terrorism that would cause the People in Greece to need water would happen first.  Greece burned substantially after four men set fires all over the country in August of 2007.  The second event would be that the President of North Korea would launch a bomb that would cover a large area in white dust and when this bomb hit a very large wind would emit.  Then he calls a number of troops to action.  In the vision this President is barking out and spitting his orders in such a way that seems to indicate that he is demon possessed.  The third event is that a large Church in the Appleton area closes its doors and the attention of the staff is directed on their own agenda and God is asking us to love the people as they endure this turmoil.

So, all that being said, God is calling us to prepare to love well the Body of Christ as is goes through these upcoming trials.  He is calling us to be like the sons of Issachar and know the times that we are in.  He has asked me to speak about these things at least four more times and open the engagements up to the public.

Keep your eye on North Korea. the latest video at

With all of the news recently I wanted to add a few thoughts.

In the vision this is exactly what I saw with every detail:

The President is up close to me, I can only see him from his chest up.  He has the hat on that his dad wore all of the time. It was that hat that helped me figure out who he was. He was in a military uniform. In the background I saw a mushroom cloud come up and boom apart.  White dust fell on everything.  Then he came back into view and was screaming.  He was yelling as loud as he could and a small amount of spit and froth were coming out with his words. At that moment I was told that he was demon possessed.

northkoreaAs he was screaming what seemed to me to be orders, in a language I have never heard before, troops emerged from behind him.  They were dressed in military uniforms. When they marched they held their hands straight down and they were kicking their feet straight out and unusually high.  The President then made a hand gesture thrusting his fist forward.  I assumed it was like an advance order.  That was the end of the vision.

I was only told that he was demon possessed.  That he would call the troops to act.  And that I should be watching for this event because it would mark the time that different events would begin to transpire in the Valley.  (During that same night I saw again people crying in Kimberly because of something that happened to the Pope.)

Let me say here that I was given no indication if NK was bombed or that they launched a bomb.  I simply saw the mushroom bomb behind them.  At the time I assumed they launched the bomb but I was not told that.  Someone had mentioned that because the bomb was exploding behind them maybe they themselves were bombed or maybe they bombed somewhere close to them like South Korea but I do not know.  I have opinions but those are my thoughts about what I saw and am not sure.

That’s it in it’s entirety.



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Remove the stones~Appleton Abortion Mill being closed?

ImagePosted below is a Shouts of Joy Ministries newsletter from 2005 before I was posting things on my web site.  You can Google it and find that a prophecey website posted it in 2005 if you want to verify the date.  I am posting it here in the blog because I feel that it is paramount read and pray about in the next week being that the abortion clinic on Gillet Street in Appleton is about to be closed.

As most of you may know already a bill, has been signed into law by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, that bans doctors who lack admitting privileges at hospitals in the state from performing abortions. This new law makes it impossible for the Appleton facility on Gillet street to remain open. 

On July 8th U.S. District Judge William M. Conley staid the law from being enforced.  He cited a “troubling lack of justification” for the law.  Conley said he would stay enforcement of the admissions provision until July 18, a day after a more deliberate courtroom hearing could be scheduled before him next week. 

Teri Huyck, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, said  that her group would have to close the Appleton abortion clinic and offer at least 50% fewer abortions at its Milwaukee facility. That would mean abortions in Wisconsin would not be available north of Madison.

It amazes me that the clinic in Appleton is getting so much national attention.  I believe we as believers here in the Valley need to engage in prayer and spiritual warfare to remove this stone that Lord has been speaking about since 2002.  Please feel free to pass on the link to this article and to ask your friends to pray.  This is a very important week.

Fox Valley Prophecies

Remove The Stones

30 Mar 2005

by Joie Pirkey

            The following prophecies came through the duration of many years.  They were formulated as one consistent message in the past few months.  The following is an outline type article briefly listing the events that are transpiring and are prophesied to come upon the Fox Valley.

            The Fox Valley in northeast Wisconsin will experience a season that God is calling ‘The Dark Night’.  During this Dark Night the following things have been prophesied to occur:

The Dark Night

  • ·         The devil will attack the churches.
  • ·         Many Christians will leave their local church and cease attending any church for the duration of the Dark Night.
  • ·         Many of those in authoritative positions in the local churches will be removed and replaced with those who will be willing to allow God to be the Head of the church.
  • ·         Local churches will split into fragments.
  • ·         Churches will cease to exist.
  • ·         The churches will not be unified.  Those not unified will be ‘picked off’.
  • ·         Doctrines will change allowing God to be the Head.
  • ·         These things will be allowed to prepare the Church here in the Valley for the Flood that is coming.

            When the Dark Night is over the fist of three waves of the works of the Holy Spirit is prophesied to come.  These three waves together make what God is calling the ‘Flood’.

The First Wave of the Flood

  • ·         The Christians who are not attending church services return.  Those who left because of the church splits also find new local bodies (churches).  
  • ·         A deep hunger for more of God is stirred up in individual believers.  This will be seen in the number of prayer groups that pop up during this time and in the large numbers that attend them.
  • ·         The local churches become unified under their leadership.
  • ·         The Apostles, Prophets, and Evangelists return to the church.
  • ·         Saint John’s Catholic Church becomes the wellspring of the Flood.  This is because God is honoring a covenant that He made with the people who built the church building back in the late 1880’s.

The Second Wave of the Flood

  • ·         Physical healings begin to happen.
  • ·         Signs and wonders as documented in Acts 2:17-21 which is quoted from Joel 2 begin to increase and manifest in an unprecedented manner for the Fox Valley.
  • ·         Youth will be coming to the churches in great number.
  • ·         These young people will meet for services in untraditional places.
  • ·         In these services the youth will involve arts in their worship.  Music and drawing/painting will be a salient feature.

The Third Wave

  • ·         Evangelism will dramatically increase and many non-believers will become Christians.
  • ·         People from all over the Midwest and Canada will come to the Fox Valley to receive anointing for ministry.  Catholics will come from all over the world.
  • ·         Many signs, wonders, and healings will continue to occur.
  • ·         A school of the prophets will emerge, with Biblical teaching regarding spiritual gifts and how they function in the Body of Christ in a Biblical manner.

            I was told that before the Dark Night was over and before the Flood would come, two stones had to be removed to make the path clear for this flood. 

            God confirmed this with the following scripture:  Isaiah 62:10-12

            “Go through, go through the gates; clear the way for the people; build up, build up the highway; remove the stones, lift up a standard over the peoples.  Behold, the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the earth, say to the daughter of Zion, “Lo, your salvation comes; behold, His reward is with Him, and His recompense before Him.”  And they will call them, “The Holy people, the redeemed of the Lord”; and you will be called, “Sought out, a city not forsaken.”


            We prayed for many months about what the two stones were.  In early February God made it clear that the two stones that needed to be removed in the Fox Valley were the abortion clinic on Gillette Street in Appleton and the Paradise Club out by the Fox River Mall.  He referred to both of these establishments as ‘altars’.  These altars were actually sacrificial altars to the enemy.  Similar to the sacrificial altar in the Holy of Holies, the enemy has set up deviations of this type to himself.  The sacrificial blood spilled on this altar of death is actually the blood of the babies murdered there. This was difficult to grasp as He showed this to me spiritually.  Then He confirmed this atrocity in Nashville Tennessee. There, I had the awesome privilege of hearing Lou Engle, of The Call, preach.  He was speaking about abortion and he too called it a sacrifice to the enemy.  He also called the clinics sacrificial altars.  

            After I began to understand what the abortion clinic was and what it actually is spiritually, God gave me this prophecy.  He said that He would take down the abortion clinic.  He said that the building was not to be used for anything else but will be actually plowed over.  He said to prophesy this to whoever would listen.  An emphasis was on Him doing it.  So I began to tell people. 

Shortly after, He said to “Send out the worshipers.”  I didn’t understand what He meant.  So again we began to pray about this. During the few weeks that lead up to the previous speaking engagement, on March 24, I began to understand that worship is actually an act of war.  It is a weapon of warfare.  God began to lead our group to scriptures that spoke of patriarchs sending out worshipers to worship before a battle.  At times the battle would be won before the warriors even arrived on the scene.  Just before I spoke last Thursday, Jackie Makosky, and I went to pray.  It was then that God finally told me what He meant when He said to send out the worshipers.  He made it very clear that I was to tell the people about the entire Fox Valley prophecies and then explain that we were to go out to the abortion clinic and worship there.  God inhabits the praises of His people and where He is, is Holy ground.  He would use this act somehow to take down the clinic.  He also said to send them out on May 5th, 2005.  He had been previously speaking to me about that date and I had been praying for over a month about what the significance of that day was.  That is the day to send out the worshipers to the Gillette Street abortion clinic.  As you read this you may be wondering who are the worshipers?  I have wondered this myself.  He has not made this clear.  I do know that by His Spirit He will bear witness to those who should go.  If you are stirred by this please pray.  Ask Him if you are one of them.  I don’t believe that this act will be done by a select few.  I also believe that hundreds will hear the call.  But I have not heard specifically who the worshipers are.  I can say that my children and I will be standing outside the Gillette Street “Planned Parenthood” altar of death on May 5th worshipping the Lord. 

One question that has continually arisen since the Thursday night meeting is, “Are you prophesying that the clinic will come down on May 5th as we stand out there and worship?”  I am trying to the best of my ability to say only what He tells me to say and not add things to it to make it easier to understand.  With that in mind I am only willing to say that He said that He would take down the clinic and to send out the worshippers on May 5th.  That’s it.  How all this will come down He hasn’t told meyet.  I have tried to estimate the timing of things that He has told me in the past and I have been consistently wrong.  So I have finally learned to only say what He says and let the timing up to Him.  There are things that He told me that I thought would happen five Springs ago and are only happening now, this Spring.  So although it seems to me that these events will happen very soon, very soon can easily mean years to Him.

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Speak to the Citadel to be Removed.

In the past few years, beginning just before we left for Rwanda, the Lord began to speak to me about what He called the ‘Citadel’.  In the context of the Fox Valley prophecies, the turmoil coming to the churches and the plumb line that He would move through the area stirring up conflict, the Lord began to speak about what the ‘Citadel’ is.  He showed me that His intention was to pour out His Spirit in the Valley and recalibrate the church to His headship.


The “Citadel” was the church structure that was developed by men who were more concerned with their own agenda of “success” than what God actually wants to do through them.  This structure has grown into a Citadel and is impeding the move of the Spirit by controlling Him and using His work to gain money and influence for themselves.  The Lord specifically spoke about three local churches and how He was allowing them to flourish in size and influence. Then when the time is right He will take them down quickly. The churches He named that comprised the ‘Citadel’ were Christ the Rock Community Church, Appleton Alliance, and Pathways.  For each of these specific churches a number of prophecies were given explaining how the leadership was in control and not Christ.  I have written a number of articles in my newsletters and blog about the specifics regarding Christ the Rock.  I have sent Appleton Alliance one word about not building the expansion they are about to complete.  The words about Pathways and Mike stepping down were spoken about but the ones about Brad were not except for a few people close to me. Then we moved to Rwanda.  It wasn’t until two months ago when the Lord started to speak again about dealing with the ‘Citadel’.

He showed me that the three churches mentioned have bought into the way our Western church has absorbed a humanistic, post-modern worldview.  They are moving the Word of God out of a place of real authority and depending on methods developed by what they see as successful seeker sensitive churches.  Appleton Alliance is a bit different being that I have been told only that the Pastor there is moving farther and farther away from the works of the Holy Spirit in the Body and that Alliance would swell because of the sickness in the churches in the Valley.  He told me that people would run there to hide as they attempted to heal from the abuse of the churches they were attending.  And to warn the leadership to not build the expansion because when the outpouring of His Spirit finally comes they will leave in mass number and the building will no longer fit but the financial burden will remain.  I was not told that Alliance would allow the heresies of the Seeker Sensitive methodologies to sweep through the flock as the other two would and since have.  CTR and Pathways I was told were buying into the spirit of age and his design to neuter the church through the post-modern Seeker Sensitive methods of ministry.


As the Lord began to speak about the ‘Citadel’ and it being the church structure built up around the move of the Holy Spirit in the Valley He began to speak to me and others in our church about the idea of prolepsis.  Prolepis means: the representation or assumption of a future act or development as if presently existing or accomplished.  In the Greek: prolēpsis, from prolambanein to take beforehand, from pro- before + lambanein to take

Think, ‘speak to the mountain to be removed’.  Prolepsis tells us that the mountain is already taken care of and removed spiritually and that we are called to speak to it as if it were already removed.  The Lord was asking me to speak to the mountain of the ‘Citadel’.  He is wanting to remove the modern way of making the church into a corporation and reform it by bringing it back under His headship.

One aspect (and there have been many since all of this began) of what God is wanting to do is to rebuild a biblical foundation for how we do things in the context of the church. Biblical methodologies of ministry need to be reinstated.  Take a moment and think about the churches you have been in.  How many have a simple prayer meeting where a large portion of the church gathers to pray about the church, direction, missions, and so on?  Even the way in which conflict or leadership structure is handle has become more like a CEO in a corporation than following the clearly mandated biblical processes.  Let me explain what I mean.  On April 6, 2013 I attended the Saturday evening service at Pathways in order to hear for myself that Pastor Brad Liebe was being removed from the senior pastor position because of what they called, “an inappropriate relationship with another woman”.



The Chairman of the Board, JJ Eaton informed the congregation in just a few short sentences that their Pastor had been caught in this repeated inappropriate behavior before he went on to explain that the Leibe’s were already in counseling.  He never mentioned sin.  He never mentioned repentance.  He never mentioned the Biblical process of rebuking a leader in the presence of the church so that others will be afraid to sin in the same way as we are instructed to do in 1 Timothy 5.

19 Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses. 20 Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning. 21 I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of His chosen angels, to maintain these principles without bias, doing nothing in a spirit of partiality.~NAS

As I sat there listening to Mr. Eaton I thought, wait a minute, why are you not saying that Brad has repented and turned back to Christ but are saying instead that the Liebe’s have turned to counseling?  Why are you saying that you are telling us that Brad was in a repeated affair to squelch gossip and confusion and not because Paul instructs us to in 1 Timothy so that we don’t sin in the same way?  And in that line of thought why are you, and the guest speaker, equating us with Brad instead of warning us from the destruction of sin and addressing the more serious consequences biblically for leaders who cause a little one to stumble or lead his sheep astray?  Can you see the subtle shift from a Biblical view to a humanistic view?  This shift is exactly what the Lord is telling me He is finished with and about to destroy and remove by calling the Body back to His headship, His word, His Spirit.

As I heard more information come out about the situation at Pathways I noticed some other very disturbing things in the leadership at Pathways and in the Assemblies of God, again all directly related to this shift away from the headship of Christ. Let me explain.

Brad Liebe was initially an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God.  He was a minister at Dan Betzer’s AG church in Fort Myers, Florida and became Sr. Pastor after Betzer retired.  In 2008 (I believe), Brad left that church in scandal.  It is said that he embezzled nearly $700,000.00 from the church and the Board covered up the enormity of the act. No legal action was taken. He did have his AG ministry credentials revoked and was asked to apologize to the body of believers in FL.  He began a restoration process for fallen AG ministers but quit before it was finished, re-ordained by Grace International and took the job as Pathways SR. Pastor.


Brad Liebe’s father is Larry Liebe.  Larry Liebe, several years ago, was voted in as the Wisconsin district superintendent.  Until that time, Larry had served as the District Youth Director.  

Upon Brad’s taking the position at Pathways Larry Liebe and Steve Tripp (District Youth Director in the AG), both district leaders, started attending Pathways~ a non-AG church.  Steve Tripp is reported to have served on the board at Pathways at one time, and was featured in promotional videos for the church.

Larry Liebe and Steve Tripp are in violation of the AG bylaws but have also, in effect condoned Brad’s previous affair and money embezzlement in FL by following him to Pathways.  It is hard for me to fathom that those who oversee Brad and Steve could possibly agree that while they represent and shepherd the AG denomination in our area, a blind eye should be turned to attending a non-AG church whose pastor was disciplined and removed from the Assemblies of God.  The message this speaks to the body at Pathways is that everything is ok and gives Brad a level of credibility that he simply does not have.

AG bylaws Article IX, Section 9-10:

         Section 9. Ministry in a Non-Assemblies of God Church

Ministers shall not be limited or restrained from entering open doors to preach this Pentecostal message, so long as they retain Assemblies of God doctrine, standards of holiness, proper attitudes, and proper ministerial conduct without compromise.  Inasmuch as unity is a vital principle for growth and spiritual development of the Assemblies of God Fellowship, it is essential that we recognize our relationship to each other and that we practice Christian cooperation in all our pastoral, evangelistic, missionary, and local church work.

We recommend therefore that our ministers confer with district council officials before engaging in ministry in any church group or organization not affiliated with the Assemblies of God so as to ascertain whether such ministry might result in confusion or misunderstandings. If the minister does not have district approval, he or she shall be expected to refrain from conducting services for the church. Ministers who violate this principle shall be subject to discipline.

Section 10. An Improper Attitude Toward Those Removed From the Fellowship

In order to render effective decisions made in the interest of proper discipline and for the protection of our assemblies, all who hold credentials, and local churches holding certificates of affiliation, shall refrain from taking an attitude toward offenders that would tend to nullify or set at naught the solemn verdict of those entrusted with this responsibility. Those who fail to support said verdict shall be subject to reprimand or, if persisted in, appropriate discipline.

Now as we see in Section 10, due to the revocation of Brad Liebe’s credentials by the Assemblies of God, it is improper for the district officials to give approval to his ministry, seriously undermining the verdict given by the general council when Brad was removed from the Assemblies of God.  The bylaws maintain a level of accountability to the scriptures and to the leadership in place over these Pastors, however, Brad and his father and those closely associated with him are following another course that contradicts even that which they signed to uphold.  I point this out because again we see even church leadership following their own course outside of the headship of Christ.

I wondered about Grace International as well and why in the world they would miss the leading of the Holy Spirit and a clear mandate in scripture that a leader should be:

An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not addicted to wine or pugnacious, but gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money. He must be one who manages his own household well, keeping his children under control with all dignity (but if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God?), and not a new convert, so that he will not become conceited and fall into the condemnation incurred by the devil. And he must have a good reputation with those outside the church, so that he will not fall into reproach and the snare of the devil. ~1 Timothy 3:2-7 NAS



And yet Grace International ordain Brad with such a serious scandal still in process of investigation.  I went to their web site and found that under the state of Wisconsin where they listed their churches Pathways was not listed.  However, on a page of events Pathways was listed to have hosted the Wisconsin Leadership Gathering April 26th. This makes me wonder if this overseeing organization is also not willing to own their ordaining Liebe and sending him out to an unsuspecting flock.

Something that also strikes me is the similar nepotism that we see in Christ the Rock and also the working inside of the ministry to hide sin instead of simply exposing it, getting it into the light and repenting.  A prevailing problem with the church today is the humanistic way of not wanting to biblically address sin inside the church.  You find an extreme aggressive response when exposing sin in a biblical pattern, far greater than the response to the sin itself.  This I believe is a work of the enemy and an underlying reason how so many have gone so far astray.


When pastor’s fall they leave a congregation full of deeply wounded members.  The Fox Valley has thousands hurt in the wake of pastors not allowing Christ to be the head.  God is asking us to call them back to the church but as members of a body working in the gifts of the Holy Spirit under a five-fold leadership found in Ephesians 4 and submitted to the headship of Jesus Christ rather than one man’s personal agenda and charisma.  God is going to allow some serious chaos in the churches here in the Valley as we finish the dark night and the outpouring begins.  I am feeling an urgent need to continue to share with the people what He has been speaking about all of this because the church needs to be aware that God sees every bit and He is allowing it for His purpose.  Be encouraged because He has a plan for His people and is calling every one of us back to His headship.

Ephesians 4: 11 And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ; 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. 14 As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming; 15 but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ, 16 from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.~ NAS

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The Beginning of Our Church…

Weekly Sermons Preached at the Church

Douglas Pirkey preaching in our living room on 2o May 2012 about how the church is lacking real love in Corinthians and today.  This was the first sermon Douglas preached in our new gathering that later became known as “Church”.  For the record the first service included: Fredrica and Craig Doriot and their three children; Elvin and Brenda Blair and their two girls; the Pirkey’s and our two younger ones; Elias’ friend Quin Stuyvenburg; Tim and McKenna Stephani; Jennifer LeCloux; Jodi Jimenez; Gabe Bergen and Barb Kopitzke.

Let us know what you think.

To follow all of the current sermons preached at the Church click this link.  They will be updated weekly.  If you have any trouble with the links please shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do.  Vr+ is new to me so we are still working out the kinks.

Joie Pirkey speaking on the Plumb line and the Big Room dreams and visions that helped forge what the Lord was designing in building this work.  This was on July 22, 2012 and can be downloaded as a podcast from the link above.

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Burning Ring of Fire!

ImageIn March of 2010, the year before we moved to Rwanda, Douglas had a dream that he believed was from the Lord.  In this dream he walked into a room with two small rooms attached.  In one of the small room was a toilet.  The door of the room was too small and he could see the feet and trousers of a man sitting inside.  The man was Doctor Don Meyers, his professor from North Central University in MN where both Douglas and I attended and met.  Douglas has always deeply respected Dr. Meyers and appreciated his input in his college experience.  As Dr. Meyers walked out of the small room he gave Douglas a disdaining look.  He wasn’t happy to see him.  His attitude was critical and he complained that Douglas was antagonizing to him and his affiliation and he said as much.  This confused Douglas because they had always had a good relationship.  As Douglas entered the small room and Dr. Meyers left he could see that the toilet was stopped up and that the waist was filling the toilet bowl to the very top.  There was an inordinate amount of used paper inside as well.  As Douglas went to flush the toilet a ring of fire rose up from the bowl.  There was more to the dream but I’ll blog about that later.

The day after Douglas had that dream he called Dan Kundee who is an assistant Pastor at CCV and an interpreter of dreams from the Lord.  Dan and Douglas discussed it and both felt that the Lord was speaking to the defilement in the Church, the “stuff” that grows in the Body of Christ that comes from the flesh of men and also the culture of America today.  Our churches have absorbed so much of the world that most barely resembles the churches outlined in the New Testament, one alive and vibrant and relevant under the headship of Christ.

I have had a number of visions about this very topic.  The Church is Bearing Mongrels and also Ichabod.

After returning from Rwanda my family and I have experienced great hardship as our Wisconsin church here at home is going through some serious difficulties trying to grow through understanding biblical leadership, spiritual authority and the headship of Christ, as many, and I would venture to say all, churches in our area are going through at present.  It has been during this time that I am in a position where I am not welcome at our home church, and because of what the Lord has asked of me I am not allowed to work through things the leadership of CCV is demanding we do until a resolution can be had.  During this extended period of time as we wait to see how the Lord will restore the situation I had a vision.  In this vision I walked into a small room with a stopped up toilet.  The water was at the top of the bowl and a pile of dirty papers were stacked up on the right side of the bowl.  I was shocked to see something like this and as I was analyzing it I heard a voice from behind me say, “Tell Douglas it is time to flush.”  And the vision ended.

I didn’t know what this would mean to Douglas but I had a vague recollection of his dream and wondered if it had something to do with maybe confronting someone in the church or maybe doing some sort of work that the Lord had for Doug.  So I called him and told him.  Immediately he said, “I have to begin preaching.”  This concerned me deeply.

We have a large number of people disenfranchised and wounded from the local churches who have been meeting every Wednesday evening at our house for prayer.  Some are new believers that we have lead to the Lord and some are from local cities who have left the larger Seeker Sensitive churches seeking a move of the Spirit and a place where the Holy Spirit is allowed to move.  Some are from our home church hurt by the division there.  We have been ministering to them and enjoying some deep time in the Lord where the Spirit is free to manifest in us and bring the gifts mentioned in Corinthians in ways that have been edifying and encouraging us in these difficult days.  But something was obviously missing in this group. It is the preaching the Word of God and teaching the doctrines of the Apostles as we are told to do all throughout the New Testament.  The need has been palpable mostly because we have so many brand new believers.  Because of the church difficulties and waiting on what the Lord will do I was very apprehensive to be seeming to start another church.  But more than that we have been hearing from the Lord that He wants something new and different for us.  Something new and yet old as He has told us in visions and dreams and in His word.  He wants us to simply do the ministry at hand.  All of us.  Using the gifts that the Lord has given us, building each other up, encouraging each other disciplining each other, moving to become more like Jesus.  He has been asking us to leave the structure of that up to Him and to refuse to recreate what our culture has been calling Church and simply obey well, do the ministry at hand, and allow Him to be the head of how He wants this to grow and develop and be structured.

Even though the Lord has been speaking to many of us confirming His words and this direction I have been apprehensive.  And if I get really honest ~selfish.  I have been hurt by the Body of Christ and by the gift the Lord has given me and how the Church reacts to it.  I have been overwhelmed in sickness and struggle, in poverty and hardship, in drama and simply mean people.  And the very last thing I wanted to do was help Douglas start a church and set myself and my family up for more.

Douglas kept telling me that we are not starting a church but that he is simply obeying like we all need to and use our gifts for the body to allow the Spirit to do HIS work.  Douglas has the gift and anointing to preach the Word of God, he is very wise and understands the human condition better than anyone I know and God is asking Him to simply begin.  So he told folks at our prayer meeting on this past Wednesday that he simply was going to obey God and flush.  Preach.  Allow Christ to use his gift to encourage the people who had a need who have come into our lives.  Me?  I was still freaking out even last night as I cleaned and printed coloring pages for the kids and set up chairs in my living room.

But something very amazing happened this morning.  I woke up and felt excited.  No clue why because I had been dreading this in tears for an entire week.  Douglas was sitting in the desk chair next to our bed in a tie and dress pant when I woke up.  I looked at him thinking Lord have mercy do I have to dress up on top of everything else?

“Have you seen this?”  he asked.  “My Mama sent this to me.”  He pushed play on the internet site he had on our desk top computer in front of us.  The Fox News clip began to play.

“It is the moment that star gazers here in the United States have waited for, for nearly 20 years. The sun and the moon aligning this weekend for a rare eclipse that will look like a ring of fire.”  I looked at Doug.  He looked at me.  We sat there for a few moments looking at each other.  “A ring of FIRE!” I yelled.

On the day that we feel that God is asking Douglas to flush; flush and preach the message that the Church needs to hear to begin to move away from a culture saturated structure that is killing off the life of God in the Church.  According to the dream when Doug flushes a ring of fire rises up.  Neither Dan nor Douglas had any idea what that ring of fire meant.  But on this day a rare eclipse that looks like a ring of fire appears?  I have learned long ago that when God speaks something important signs and wonders are involved.  I believe this is a sign and a wonder that confirms Doug’s dream and his call to preach, and the exact timing as well.  It was such a moment of release.  It was a relief.  Everything changed inside of me.  It was like I immediately trusted and let go of the fears of what people would say and think and do and simply knew it was a sign from the Lord, an affirmation that we were doing what He set us out to do.

As Douglas preached this morning the house was filled and we had a great time of worship.  Someone spoke in tongues and it was interpreted, people prayed in the time of worship, someone gave a short impactful testimony, the preaching was awesome calling us to love in the love of God.  The fellowship was deep, trusting and close.  God did something here today and I could feel it.  We were encouraged and filled and sent out again to advance the Kingdom of Light.  Something very new and something very old happened here.  We did “church” like they did in the book of Acts.

So tonight a ring of fire will hang in the sky.  Many will be watching.  Many will be amazed at the work of God in His creation.  And some will be hopeful.  Hopeful that the life of God will soon spread through His church again calling the lost to His way and the scattered sheep back to his protection, calling the Prodigals home and the broken and downtrodden to new life! And Douglas will continue to preach and we will gather around him and use our gifts to encourage the Body and to lead the lost to Jesus Christ moving to maturity under the headship of Christ.

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An Open Letter to the Fox Valley Evangelical Minsters Fellowship from the Biblical Missiology Society

To Whom It May Concern: 25 July, 2011

The Biblical Missiology Society is a Christian consortium of scholars and ministers from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds, whose fundamental goal is the promotion of biblical missiology. The advancement of the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ is the shared commonality that makes the Society enthusiastically inclusive of those who, though not members formally, are members informally by virtue of our mutual labor. It is for this reason that we endorse the video of Pastor Tim Snell of Christ’s Church of the Valley in Appleton, Wisconsin. In his video, ( ) the pastor takes a stand in defense of biblical truth that is undermined in a “Jesus in the Qur’an” conference held in August, 2009, at Christ the Rock Community Church in Menasha, Wisconsin. The Jesus in the Qur’an conference is but a symptom of a greater problem in the Church: the insider movements/C5 decontextualization of the Gospel. The Biblical Missiology Society stands with Pastor Snell as he heeds the appeal of Jude 3: “I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.”

We urge you to take the time to listen to and carefully weigh Pastor Snell’s arguments in light of what the Bible teaches. All of us are aware of how difficult it can be to confront others, especially within the Church. Just as we are all thankful for the Apostle Paul’s willingness to confront the Apostle Peter about his compromising the truth of the Gospel (Galatians 2:11-21) those who minister to Muslims are especially in need of leaders within the Church, like the Apostle Paul, to speak with a clear voice to the issues of syncretism with Islam that threaten the purity of the Gospel. For those of us who minister to Muslims, including the majority of us who are a part of the Biblical Missiology Society, these are not mere hypothetical arguments but real issues that affect our ability to minister as we ought. It should not be forgotten that if these compromises are not addressed and withstood the Muslims themselves are left with a message that cannot save them even if they sincerely accept it. None of these things are honoring to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is worthy of us taking a stand for Him. We encourage you to stand with our brother, Pastor Tim Snell and take a public stand against this method of missions.

For more information and comments please see:

For more information on IM: Critical assessment Conferences on DVD see: and

Rev. Adam Simnowitz, a minister with the Assemblies of God (Dearborn, MI)
Jay Smith, ‘Brethren in Christ’ Minister, Apologist, Polemicist, and Debater with Muslims (London, England)
Georges Houssney, President, Horizons International
Joshua Lingel, President, i2 Ministries
Mark Stephan, Missionary to Muslims, Editor-in-Chief, BiblicalMissiology.Org
John Span, Theological Author
Joie Pirkey, Executive Director Shouts of Joy Ministries (Rwanda, Africa)
Elijah Abraham, Founder/Director LIVING OASIS MINISTRIES P.O. Box 863743 Plano TX 75086
Patrick Dennis, Pastor from Indiantown, Fl. Formerly ministered in North Africa
Tripp Martin, Ruling Elder, Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Farmington Hills, MI)
Rev. Fred Farrokh, Executive Director, Jesus For Muslims Network, Metro New York City
Roger Dixon, PhD Intercultural Studies, MDiv, ThM.; ordained United Methodist minister, VA Conference; 34 years resident missionary in Muslim communities in S.E. Asia.


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Heresy in Wisconsin.

Very eager to hear your thoughts.  Below I am posting what Christ the Rock leadership handed out to their congregation the following Sunday and Pastor Tim’s analysis of it.  I have received numerous emails from the Biblical Missiology Society all strongly in favor of Pastor Tim’s video and analysis.  What do you think?

A Look at Christ the Rock’s Statement on C5 Contextualization: 

A Denunciation or an Affirmation?

By Pastor Tim Snell


In light of my recent release of the video, “Teaching Another Gospel”, Christ the Rock Community Church’s (CTR) Statement on Contextualization – which their leadership is handing out – bears further analysis.  What are they actually saying and what does it mean?  Is it a denunciation of C5 contextualization, or is it an endorsement?

As we will see, an analysis of their words in this statement – in light of the words of the conference, and in light of John Travis’ contextualization scale – lead to one clear and inescapable conclusion:  This statement, while well word-smithed to appear as if there should be no cause for concern, is actually a resounding affirmation of their embrace of the C5 contextualization method.

Let’s begin with the statement itself.  I’ve included it here:

Christ the Rock’s Statement on Contextualization




  • We believe in the authority of the Bible.
  • We believe in the person and lordship of Jesus Christ, who is the Son of Man and the Son of God; the only mediator between God and man and the only way to salvation.

Is the Allah of the Qur’an and the God of the Bible the same?

No. We do not believe that the nature and character of Allah of the Qur’an is the same as the nature and character of the God of the Bible. 

That is why we strongly desire to introduce Muslims to the Risen Christ, because Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form (Colossians 1:13-20).

The word Allah is simply the Arabic word for the English word God.  Every Arabic speaking Jew, Christian or Muslim uses Allah for God.  There is no other word.  There are 15 million Arab Christians that use this word for the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Every Arabic translation of the Bible that has ever been, uses Allah for God in both the New Testament and Old Testament.

Is the Qur’an a holy book, the inspired word of God?

No. We do not believe that the Qur’an is the inspired word of God.


Is Muhammad a prophet of God?

No. We do not believe that Muhammad was a prophet of the God of the Bible.


Can Muslims become Christ followers and remain Muslims?

Spiritually, no.  Culturally, yes, as long as the customs or traditions do not contradict the Word of God.

Gradually, as Muslims learn the Word of God, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead them to discontinue beliefs/actions that they previously held that are not biblical.  Example – a Native American can become a Christ follower and remain a Native American culturally, but not spiritually.



Do you believe in the Trinity?

Yes! We believe there is only one God expressed in three divine persons, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Is Jesus the Son of God?

Yes! He is the Son of the Living God of the Bible.

So, where shall we begin?

Well, first let’s begin where we find agreement.  There is much in this statement to affirm.  Their affirmation of the authority of scripture, their affirmation of the person and work of Jesus, their rejection of Allah (as understood within a Muslim context) as being the same God as the God of the Bible, their rejection of Muhammad as a prophet of YHWY, their rejection of the Quran as being inspired, and their affirmation of the triune nature of God – these we all stand in agreement on.  I am pleased to see CTR clearly take a Biblical stance on each of these important issues.  None of these are trivial matters to our faith.

With that being said, such affirmations and denunciations (while important) really don’t cut to the heart and soul of what C5 Contextualization is, nor do they speak to the primary concerns Pastors such as myself have which lead us to call the C5 teaching heretical.  While it is true that many C5 proponents would hold to perspectives other than what CTR has outlined here, it is also true that many C5 proponents would be in agreement with every statement on this page.  Why?  Because such statements really are only somewhat relevant to the entire C5 Contextualization issue.

As I mentioned in the video, C5 proponents will often trot out an evangelical statement of faith as if to say, “What is the problem?”  But the issue is not their statement of faith (at least not when it truly is evangelical).  The issue is they think that they can take such a statement of faith, and make it compatible with people coming to faith who would hold a very different statement of faith (i.e. Muslims), in the hopes that “after coming to Jesus” some of these unbiblical beliefs will fall to the side.   Note a phrase in CTR’s statement we will come back to in a bit:  “Gradually, as Muslims learn the Word of God, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead them to discontinue beliefs/actions that they previously held that are not biblical.”  [Emphasis mine]  That, church of God, is C5 in a nutshell.

However, we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves.  Let’s back up a bit and note the obvious.

My first observation when I read this statement was that there was no explicit denunciation of C5 Contextualization, nor what was taught at the JIQ conference, as heresy.  An oversight?  Maybe… but highly unlikely.  Given CTR’s leadership brought the JIQ Conference in, given its heretical nature, and given that Pastor Bill and Janet have endorsed the teaching publicly, it seems as if – if the church leadership really believed it to be heretical – they would have clearly denounced it and apologized so as to leave their people no doubt as to where they stood.

But they didn’t.

Instead we get some statement that is word-smithed so as to brush aside the concerns being raised without having to deal with them.   It all sounds good.  But in the end, the concerns are not just still present, they are resoundingly confirmed as being valid.  We just have to take a closer look.

The real meat of the matter is found in the section where they actually deal with the issue of contextualization itself.  Let’s take a look at it.

“Can Muslims become Christ followers and remain Muslims?

Spiritually, no.  Culturally, yes, as long as the customs or traditions do not contradict the Word of God.

Gradually, as Muslims learn the Word of God, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead them to discontinue beliefs/actions that they previously held that are not biblical.  Example – a Native American can become a Christ follower and remain a Native American culturally, but not spiritually.”

As I stated earlier, what this paragraph states is C5 Contextualization in a nutshell.  It just dresses it up nice and pretty and tries to hide its deeply unbiblical flaws.

How do I know it is C5?  Several ways.

First, compare the wording of CTR’s Statement on Contextualization to John Travis’s description of C5 contextualization (Travis developed the C1 – C6 Contextualization Scale) and see if the language sounds similar.

CTR’s Statement on Contextualization

John Travis’ Description of C5 Contextualization

(Travis is the one who developed the contextualization scale)

“Can Muslims become Christ followers and remain Muslims?

Spiritually, no.  Culturally, yes, as long as the customs or traditions do not contradict the Word of God.

Gradually, as Muslims learn the Word of God, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead them to discontinue beliefs/actions that they previously held that are not biblical.  Example – a Native American can become a Christ follower and remain a Native American culturally, but not spiritually.”

C5 Model: Christ-centered communities of “Messianic Muslims” who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Description:  Believers remain legally and socially within Islamic community. Aspects of Islam incompatible with the Bible are rejected or if possible, reinterpreted. Believers may remain active in the mosque. Unsaved Muslims may view C5 believers as deviant and may expel them from the Islamic community. If sufficient numbers permit, a C5 “Messianic mosque” may be established.

It is pretty obvious.  C5 Contextualization as Travis defines it is where one keeps their Muslim identity but seeks to take out those things that are “unbiblical.”  In fact, C5 and C6 are the first levels on contextualization scale where we talk about people retaining their identity as Muslims!  Never before.  This, in the end, is not only how Travis defines C5, it is exactly what we find referenced in CTR’s Statement on Contextualization, the concept of Muslims who remain Muslims as they follow Christ.  That only happens in C5 Contextualization and above.   The truth is, it is eerie how strikingly similar some of the language is between the two.

This is then reaffirmed again when one considers what CTR has written and compares it to what was presented at the end of the JIQ conference as one of the presenters was summarizing the entire teaching of C5 (that one can and should follow Christ while they remain Muslim):

CTR’s Statement on Contextualization

From the JIQ Conference

“Can Muslims become Christ followers and remain Muslims?

Spiritually, no.  Culturally, yes, as long as the customs or traditions do not contradict the Word of God.

Gradually, as Muslims learn the Word of God, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead them to discontinue beliefs/actions that they previously held that are not biblical.  Example – a Native American can become a Christ follower and remain a Native American culturally, but not spiritually.”

Conference Participant:  “That heritage, while strong in the Islamic faith, is not a literal heritage [as in a nationality].  When they come to faith as a believer in Jesus, why don’t they say, ‘I’m a follower of Jesus and I’m an Arab?”  Why do they say, ‘I’m a follower of Jesus and I’m in Islam?’ …

Conference Presenter:  …”But Muslim is their culture.  I understand what you are saying, that it is not their nationality necessarily.  Like in Indonesia a family’s an Indonesian Muslim.  Right?  So He is a follower of Jesus – he would call himself an Indonesian Muslim still.  Okay?  Because that is their identity inside of their culture and their country. …  So their Muslim identity to them is really important for separation of who they really are.  When they come to Christ they still refer to themselves as Muslim – not Arab  but Muslim followers of Jesus.”

Again, we find that CTR’s language fits like a hand in a glove with both Travis’ description of C5, and with JIQ’s description of C5.  “Muslim followers of Jesus.”  “Muslim [who ] become Christ followers and remain Muslim.”  Humm.   Once again, eerily similar.

Someone might say, “Okay, so they are similar.  But I don’t see the problem Biblically.  What’s wrong with that?”

Well, essentially it is a bait and switch.  Catch this, because what I’m about to tell you is what explains everything you heard in the “Teaching Another Gospel”[1] video and from the teaching which came out of the JIQ conference.

C5 proponents claim that being Muslim is not a religious identity for most Muslims, just a cultural one.  That is right.  (You’ll note a nod to this C5 concept in the very first sentence of CTR’s statement as well).  If that were true, we all might say, “No problem.”   The issue is, not even C5 proponents really believe that.

For example, if “Muslim” is just a cultural identity and not a religious one, then why do C5 proponents go to such great lengths to not present Jesus as the “Son of God.”  You see, that is a religious issue, not a cultural one.  Or why tell Muslims it is okay to look to the Quran as a holy book.  (Oh no, the presenter may not think it is inspired  … as in CTR’s case … but they nevertheless think it is okay if this “Muslim believer” does …so as to “bridge the gap” between them being Muslim and following Christ.)  Again, that is a religious issue, not a cultural one.

Again and again, while saying “Muslim” is just a cultural identity that is fine for believers to keep, C5 proponents show by how they carry this forward that they know this isn’t true.  They know it is a religious identity.  Again and again they seek to minimize Biblical truth to make the gospel palatable … entirely on RELIGIOUS grounds.  That isn’t cultural contextualization.  That is the blending of religions, which is syncretism.  That is why C5 is heresy.  That is why again and again in the JIQ conference you heard the presenter cave on doctrines that are absolutely at the core of our faith.  While claiming “it is just about a cultural identity, not a religious one,” they do a bait and switch as seen in the fact that their entire approach consists of trying to repackage religious concerns to make them compatible with Islam.  “Yes, we hold an evangelical statement of faith, but we won’t push that on you.  You can remain a Muslim (not just culturally …but obviously spiritually as well).   Perhaps you’ll grow out of some of the unbiblical things you believe later.”

My friends, this is a gospel without repentance.  It is a watering down of the faith to make it palatable.  It is syncretism.  And as heartbreaking as it is, it is right there in CTR’s statement on Contextualization.   They do this exact bait and switch.  Notice their wording again.

“Can Muslims become Christ followers and remain Muslims?

Spiritually, no.  Culturally, yes, as long as the customs or traditions do not contradict the Word of God.

Gradually, as Muslims learn the Word of God, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead them to discontinue beliefs/actions that they previously held that are not biblical.  …

Did you catch it?  The first line of their answer says that it is fine as long as it is “cultural” not “spiritual.”  Yet their very next line affirms that it really will be about the Muslim’s religious beliefs.

“Gradually, as Muslims learn the Word of God, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead them to discontinue beliefs/actions that they previously held that are not biblical.” 

So, they really were religious Muslims after all.

Interestingly, CTR’s Statement on Contextualization immediately tries to then switch it back to being just “cultural.”

“…  Example – a Native American can become a Christ follower and remain a Native American culturally, but not spiritually.”

My friend let’s be clear.  C5 proponents will pull this bait and switch again and again.  They will trot out an evangelical statement of faith, claim that all we are dealing with is a “cultural” Muslim, and yet again and again minimize key concepts and doctrines that are vital to our faith so as to not offend the Muslim who has that identity based on religious factors, not cultural ones:

  • The Deity of Christ is not presented.
  • It is okay if they continue to say the Shahada (The Muslim profession of faith which says:  “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is His prophet.)
  • That it is fine for these “Muslim followers of Christ” to say the Salaat (The ritual Islamic prayer by which they believe they will merit salvation.)
  • That they continue to view the Quran as a holy book.

Indeed, studies show that C5, because of this bait and switch does indeed produce a syncretistic blend of faiths.   A study done in 1995 of 72 key indigenous influence Muslim people “converted” through the C5 approach found that:

  • 50% continue to attend mosque on Friday
  • 31% attend mosque more than once per day, uttering standard Islamic prayers affirming Muhammad as God’s prophet
  • 96% say there are 4 heavenly books (standard Muslim belief)
  • 66% say the Koran is the greatest of the 4 heavenly books
  • 45% do not affirm God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • 45% feel peace or close to Allah when listening to the reading of the Koran (even though they do not know Arabic)

The question we must ask is, “Are these Muslim followers of Jesus genuine believers in the biblical sense, or are they syncretists not unlike the substantial number of Christo-pagans of Latin and South America?  What do results like this tell us?”

In the end, I don’t think we can escape the conclusion that, not only is the paradigm of C5 an unbiblical compromise of the core truths which undergird our faith, the fruit it produces is a fruit which blends and pigeonholes Islam and Christianity together in a way that is not Biblical faith at all.

Sadly, the CTR leadership’s Statement on Contextualization only reaffirms what Pastor Bill has already endorsed.  CTR believes and practices C5.  For all of the things that can be affirm as good in their Statement on Contextualization, in the end their very words mirror those of all proponents of C5.  Let’s be clear here, C5 Contextualization, because it promotes a blending of Islam with Christianity in evangelistic contexts, is heresy, plain and simple.  As such, my prayer and hope continue to be for CTR to repent and denounce this teaching clearly and publicly – as heresy – so that God’s people are not led into error.  It is my further prayer that they break off all ties to C5 groups and quit practicing C5 in any way in their ministry. This can be the only way forward if we as leaders are to be faithful to our Biblical mandate to “guard the flock of God.”

This Statement on Contextualization given by CTR’s leadership certainly does not point us in the right direction.

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Methodist Trial of Pastor Amy DeLong next door.

  Okay so here’s the scoop: On Wisconsin Avenue in Kaukauna, right next door to where I am staying while in the U.S. (which I do not see as a coincidence), they are holding a trial of Pastor Amy DeLong who is a practicing homosexual and in 2009 married a gay couple in her church in Polk County.  Someone came to the door two days ago handing out a blue pamphlet saying that “love was on trial”.  I spoke to the elderly gentleman and the middle aged woman who was with him about what the Methodist Church believed.  ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ is what they said.  However, I believe that what they actually teach is that a person who has homosexual ideations is no different in the eyes of God than a person who desires to have heterosexual sex outside of the context of marriage meaning sin is sin.  If they abstain from acting out on those temptations they can remain in the ministry.  So when Pastor Amy married the gay couple, also against the Methodist beliefs, she was in effect thrusting herself into the spot light and taking her gay agenda into this trial. As the two who came to the house stood talking to me on the front porch I saw a demon approach and rest on the head of the women.  This isn’t as unusual as many might think but when hundreds followed they distracted me so much so that I had to apologize by saying I was distracted and then looked back at them wondering if they were for or against homosexuality in the Church.  It wasn’t aware until I read the flyer that they were out taking this opportunity to promote the gay agenda, web site and all.

When I went back in the house my niece asked me what they wanted and I handed her the flier and said “Randi I don’t think is a coincidence that that trial is next door and we are here with this big yard facing them. Let’s make a sign.”  “Saying what!” she responded with so much enthusiasm I laughed.  “When that many demons show up Sug’ you fight fire with fire.”  I told her as I headed for the garage.  “What is that supposed to mean?”  She asked as she followed me.  “We fight the devil with the word of God!”  So I pulled out a big long white box and printed “Timothy 1:10” on it and then added a heart that says “Freedom for Everyone”.

Shortly after we placed the sign on the front porch hundreds of cars began to pull up and fill the large parking lot and then spill out onto the street, both sides and both ways.  I watched as maybe a 100 or so people gathered just feet from our house and began to sing hymns.  As I listened closely things were being said and sung like “we are gay and straight together, we are loving and peaceful…” and so on.  I walked over to talk to them and they told me that the entire crowed was for the Pastor and the gay movement.  I heard little boys on bikes stop and say, “I would let her stay being a Pastor!”  I spoke to neighbors walking by asking what the sign meant almost all voicing the same sentiments or asking questions and not letting me know what they felt.  One older gentleman said “the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, I hope everything works out, I think I’ll go home and pray about this a little”.  I find that perspective is in the elderly but it is passing and the Church itself is at fault.

I am sitting out front in the yard because we always sit out front and it’s beautiful outside.  But I am also sitting out here being available to anyone walking by.  A number of media trucks are here.  Channel 11, Channel 26, Channel 5, a Post Crescent Reporter to name a few.  It’s a hot topic and people have strong feelings both ways.  The very sad thing is I am the only person here, outside making any kind of stand for the Word of the God and it brings me to tears really.  Where are the people who have God’s heart on this matter?  Loving these people enough to speak the truth in love as Ephesians 4 calls us to do?  Oop here come NBC.

Timothy 1:10 is crystal clear listing homosexuality as a sin.  Here let me quote it, “8 But we know that the Law is good, if one uses it lawfully, 9 realizing the fact that law is not made for a righteous person, but for those who are lawless and rebellious, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers 10 and immoral men and homosexuals and kidnappers and liars and perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound teaching, 11 according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, with which I have been entrusted.”  The Greek word Paul uses to literally explain sex between two men is “arsenokoites (pl. arsenokoitai)”.  For anyone doing honest exegesis there is only one loud and clear meaning for this word, ‘sex between two men’.

It is 3:00 and all the people outside signing and supporting this gay agenda rushed inside because they were told the verdict was about to be read.  13 clergy men from the Methodist Church are sitting in judgement over this situation and their choice today has huge ramifications.  I am sitting here writing but I think I will take a moment to pray and seek God and ask Him to intervene and speak to these men on the jury and strengthen them and help them make the tough choice to choose God and His headship.  Will you please agree with me as I pray?

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Todd Bentley Coming to the Valley.

This week, on June 8-12th Valley Harvest Church in Neenah will be hosting two speakers named Todd Bentley and Jeff Jansen at a conference they are calling the Midwest Outpouring. For those of you who do not know who Todd Bentley is the Nightline segment that aired in July of 2008 gives you a good synopsis of his past and what moved him to the global stage.

Todd Bentley is a Canadian “minister” who is known for the Lakeland Florida “revival” that hit the global scene in 2008.  As his meetings in Florida began the Lord spoke to me about what was going to happen with Todd and the men who surrounded and supported him.  The Shouts of Joy newsletter article and the comments written during that time address the focus the Lord was having me attend to and prophecy about:

The “revival” in Lakeland ended when the revelation of Todd’s affair with his children’s nanny hit the news.  The Nightline segment posted above, exposing Todd and his inability to produce even one legitimate, verifiable healing and his inability to produce any paper work that accounted for the money pouring in at Lakeland is said to be the impetuous for the closing of the event.  Shortly after he left Florida he divorced his wife and married the woman he was having the affair with that had begun before the “revival”.  A few months later Rick Joyner of Morning Star Ministries claimed Bentley was being restored and he had him back in the ministry in seven short months from the time Bentley’s affair was exposed.

 In December of last year I had two meetings with the leadership of my church and in those meetings I prophesied to them that the Lord wanted me to warn them that Todd Bentley would be coming to the Fox Valley with Jeff Jansen through Vidal Torres’ church, Valley Harvest.  The Lord told me that Todd would be carrying a powerful demon with him.  I was told to tell the leadership of the churches in the Valley to take a stand against these meetings and rebuke the demonic spirit coming in with Todd.  Here is a link to the sermon that Pastor Tim Snell preached about these meetings

This is another sermon preached by Pastor Kathi Rose from Evangel in Neenah on May 29, 2011 about the same issue:  “Pastor Prophets, Prophecies & The New Prophetic Movement

These Pastors do a great job exposing what is wrong with the movement that Todd belongs to and the unethical nature of his ministry, however, what the Lord is calling me to do is to expose the demonic influence on Todd and how he carries this demon into a region and releases it there.  Then those worshipping this demon through the attending to it that goes on in the meetings give it a strong hold in the area.  The most recent vision that I have had about Todd was in Rwanda on March 9, 2011:

 Todd is not an idol, he worships an idol. We are not to name this demon but it is a demon and it is powerful and it is in the church.

Their time is short. But God wants to teach the church how to expose it.

The Holy Spirit said, when you draw a line in the sand you don’t discuss it because then you haven’t drawn the line. When you prophecy you draw the line. Now you draw the line.

Tell them that I will not engage with them.

Call the people back – call the sheep back. It’s not about them (Todd Bentley and the men standing with him) it’s about my sheep – call the sheep back – wall them off.

Then I was given the scripture Zech. 10.1-5

1Ask rain from the LORD

in the season of the spring rain,

from the LORD who makes the storm clouds,

and he will give them showers of rain,

to everyone the vegetation in the field.

2For the household gods utter nonsense,

and the diviners see lies;

they tell false dreams

and give empty consolation.

Therefore the people wander like sheep;

they are afflicted for lack of a shepherd.

3 “My anger is hot against the shepherds,

and I will punish the leaders;

for the LORD of hosts cares for his flock, the house of Judah,

and will make them like his majestic steed in battle.

4From him shall come the cornerstone,

from him the tent peg,

from him the battle bow,

from him every ruler— all of them together.

5They shall be like mighty men in battle,

trampling the foe in the mud of the streets;

they shall fight because the LORD is with them,

and they shall put to shame the riders on horses.

There has been a group of us in the Valley praying about Todd coming this June.  We have been asking the Lord what we need to do to get the word out and warn the people. Please join us in prayer about this issue.  I will be posting on my Facebook wall when and where we will be meeting to pray again before the conference begins if you want to join us.  Please pass this on to everyone that you know who may be attending this event.  If you have any comments or questions I will post this message to my blog as well and will answer any questions there in the comment section.  May God have mercy on the Church for what we have allowed to be called anointed and holy.

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Insider Movement: The Tide is Turning

In the youtube video below, a number of Christian ministers are interviewed who came out of the religion of Islam. In this video they are asked about the Insider Movement (IM) and how it is affecting their Muslim communities. The Insider Movement is a missionary approach that uses a syncretistic method of sharing the gospel with Muslims. “Syncretism… is an invalid procedure by which the content of the Gospel is changed or partially assimilated by a hostile world view found in another culture” (Mickelsen, 172). Some of the most controversial aspects of this movement are as follows:

     *Teaching new believers to remain inside of Islam.

     *Engaging in and modeling the Salat in the mosques.

     *Reciting the Muslim creed (Shahada): “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger“.

     *Producing and using Muslim Friendly Bible translations that actually take out the words ‘Son of God’.


The majority of the financing for the Insider Movement comes from well meaning Western Christians ignorant of the unbiblical approach that they are funding. The truth about the Insider Movement has intentionally been disguised. IM presenters are trained to “spin” to the Western Church this deception. Even when questioned about the controversial nature of this approach, the presenters skillfully avoid speaking to biblical concerns. The following video is a sampling of the typical perspective of Christians from a Muslim background who engage these practices.

Since the prophecy given to me in 2007, when the Lord told me that He hates the pigeonholing of Christianity with Islam, Shouts of Joy Ministries has attempted to raise the awareness of the Church in hopes that she would cease funding and perpetuating this travesty. We have also been involved with a group of ministers, the Biblical Missiology Society, which has been commenting on articles of this topic.

The exposure of IM has caused a flood of articles both for and against the Movement. Many Churches and Organizations have been confronted both privately and publically about their adherence to C5 and C6 Contextualization in missions. There are a few organizations being proactive and forming policies for their missions departments that give clear guidelines that forbid C5 and C6 practices. One such organization is the Presbyterian Church. This June at their Thirty-Ninth General Assembly they will be debating the Insider Movement and its use of “Muslim Friendly” translations of the Bible. Here is the link to Overture #9 “A Call To Faithful Witness”.

Also Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis MN, whose Senior Pastor is John Piper, is in the proposal stage of establishing guidelines for their missionaries as well. Taken from the 2006 statement from Arab World Ministries they have included:

“We do not think it is biblically justified for Christ- followers to teach or model:

1. Reciting of the Shahada

2. Continued participation in ritual prayers (Salah) in the mosque

3. Continuing to call oneself a Muslim”

Erik Hyatt

GO Pastor

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Minneapolis, MN

Included in their proposal is a Biblical Rationale:

“Acts 15:19-20 Gentile Background Believers were given four restrictions to show clear separation from previous religious practices; Rom. 10:9-17 One must confess Jesus as Lord to be saved; John 5:23 Whoever does not honor the Son, does not honor the Father who sent him; 1 Cor. 10:23-33 All things lawful but not all helpful; 2 Corinthians 4:2 We refuse to practice cunning; 2 Cor. 6:14-17 Believers not to participate in worship of other Christ-denying gods.”

This is a great beginning and the tide is turning in exposing and rejecting the IM, yet so much more needs to be done. One thing that you personally can do is to ask the missions organization that you support what method they use in witnessing to Muslims. In a previous Shouts of Joy Ministries newsletter, Pastor Tim Snell provides a list of specific questions to take to leadership titled: “Questions to Ask Leaders Who Advocate or Practice “Common Ground” Teaching”.

In confronting those who teach the IM method, we often encountered this response, “We use a Pauline method of missions.” They often then explain that they believe in being all things to all men and speak about Paul quoting the pagan literature in Acts. Those things can be accepted by every Bible believing Christian however, what exactly that means practically is another matter altogether. Proponents of the IM craft these phrases in such a way that nullifies questions and renders a belief that they are in fact doing missions as the Bible directs. They avoid the plane truth; excusing themselves by saying that people are not educated enough to understand what is required of them to do what they are doing. They believe that this justifies the crafting of very specific answers that foster a naivety and ignorance of what is in fact a distortion of the truth. What we also have found is that when the more direct questions are asked, they put off answering them, most often indefinitely. When asked, “Why the secrecy?” they answer by saying that people’s lives could be endangered if they speak plainly. This response is well refuted on the web site and stands against what is clearly written in Matthew 5:14-16 (New American Standard Bible)”You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. “

The question that I am asking you today is are you personally funding the Insider Movement?

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