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Prophetic Word for Christ the Rock Community Church

On October 28th I had a vision.  In this vision the Holy Spirit was hovering above my head.  He was speaking in an audible voice.  The vision began with Him addressing some personal things and also saying a number of times that it is right to give Him Thanks and Praise.  For awhile I worshipped Jesus who is the One who is worthy to open the seal.  (See Revelation 5.9).

Then He asked me to prophesy to the people who attend Christ the Rock Community Church in a nearby city.  He told me that the prophecies and attendant difficulty that I have been carrying for over five years now (see for those words)were for the people who attend CTR.  He asked me to remember that and love them well as I prophesy.

Then He asked me to deliver the Word in three parts, three days apart from each other.  The first one is as follows:

A strong eagle with many feathers and deep color came to the city.  It broke off a branch from the top of a very tall tree and planted the shoot in a city with much commerce.  The eagle took seed from the area and planted that in fertile soil.  He planted it like a willow tree near water.  It sprouted and became a low vine.  The branches turned toward him, but it’s roots stayed under it.  So it became a vine and produced leafy branches.

But there was another powerful eagle full of beautiful feathers.  The vine now sent out it’s roots toward him.  It also sent out it’s branches to him for water. 

The vine had been planted in good soil by abundant water so that it would produce branches, bear fruit and become a marvelous vine.


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  1. I hope that the people at CTR know how much you love them and that you want them to understand what’s going on during this difficult time. Sometimes, God gives you messages that are very hard to share, as He did often to the prophets in the bible. It seems that this is another one. I will pray that the people look at the message and not attack the messenger.

    Comment by Dana | October 31, 2007

  2. So what is the meaning of this vision or is that to come?

    Comment by Connie | November 1, 2007

  3. The entire word is much longer but I was asked to deliver it in three parts. On November 3 the next part will be posted and then the last part on November 6th. Hope that helps.

    Comment by Joie | November 1, 2007

  4. This was submitted via email and I thought that it was beautiful and asked Kathi if it was ok to post. Here you go:

    Interesting that your prophecy contains the element of “eagle” in it as the Lord has had me researching the “nature” of eagles for several months now, initially because we sing one song in particular about rising up on eagles wings, and additionally, I know of several Scriptures containing references to eagles.My curiosity got the better of me, because I felt a leading of the spirit to “research” the deeper meanings/metaphors, etc.
    All that to say that these few thoughts might add revelation to you/or not – do w/them what you will.
    Did you know that when a male eagle decides to mate for the first time, he chooses a female quite carefully. Having chosen her, he takes her to the summit of a very high mountain or cliff, where HE has already prepared a nest for her. Then the female stands on the edge of the cliff, tucks her wings under her, and quite literally lets herself “free fall” from the edge, diving to a sure , because the male eagle seemingly just watches…..And yet, at the next to last moment, he swoops down with incredible speed, and literally in the “nick of time” swoops underneath her, and lets her body fall atop of his, at which point, he carries her back to the nest using the strength of only his wings….she literally does nothing but lie on his body while he carries her. Eagles, as you know, mate for life. This is the eagle equivalent of the marriage ceremony. Once they arrive at the nest, they mate (the two become one). What a beautiful picture the Lord was trying to give us of our total reliance on him, His strength to “carry us” and then to take us to Himself in a oneness for life.
    gotta run – hope this is helpful.
    Richest blessings,

    Comment by joiepirkey | November 1, 2007

  5. Not speaking from the prophetic angle but experientially, I am convinced that the area of commerce that the vision speaks of is the Lord referring to right here in Appleton. I can tell that the Lord placed a few of us Christians at the Performing Arts Center for a time (there are still a couple of them there but it is dwindling) for a purpose. For me it was to pick up on what the “leaders” of our town are purposing to do. They unabashedly want a metropolous and they want all that comes with it, with no limitations, they want “commerce”.

    Comment by Lori Nichols | November 1, 2007

  6. Joie,

    I am praying for you! This is an amazing word for this season! I believe the FLOOD is right around the corner, and the dark night is coming to an END!

    The Lord keeps speaking to me, Unit, Unity, Unity!


    Comment by Kevin | November 2, 2007

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