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Wow!  What a service today!!!  Pastor Tim Snell preached on II Samuel where David is celebrating the presence of the Lord and is dancing in the streets.  He talked a lot about how we are so often worried about what others think of us and that it becomes our focus instead of celebrating the Lord.  He encouraged us to worship freely!  To express ourselves in a way that is honest and authentic.  Now where have you heard that before?  It got me thinking that it’s time to tell the testimony of the vision when the Lord healed me again.  For now though if you get a chance I strongly suggest that you get the CD from Christ’s Church of the Valley and listen whole heartedly!  Here is the link to the web site:

I am excited about what the Lord is doing here in the Valley and some real exciting things are in the works.  I can’t wait to tell you!!!!! Hee hee.  🙂


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  1. Joie
    The past year or so this has been a strong message that the Lord keeps reminding me to concentrate on – worship freely – and strive to be an honest and authentic person. Good to hear some validation ~ Yup, I had to smile when I read your comments! 🙂
    Let us keep the message of ‘unity’ in the forefront of our activities and relationships.
    In the Circle of God’s love,

    Comment by sue | November 13, 2007

  2. I beleive strongly that there be freedom in worship – it does so many things that positively affect us as well as others and gives blessings back to our God! It heals, restores, unifies, (among many other things) and allows us to commune with the Lord of the universe…the One who created us. My prayer is that all of us enter into that place where either corporate or individual intimacy with our Lord is present and the Spirit has freedom to work in our lives.

    Comment by Shawna | November 13, 2007

  3. A song came to me today that reflects some of the sentiments of David’s freedom in worship in the procession of the ark of the covenant. It seems like the right time to sing it. Would someone out there post the rest of the lyrics?

    We used to sing it rather stoically, but I think it’s meant to rock! Maybe an inspired musician could pump it up!

    Sing a new song unto the Lord!
    Let Your song be sung on mountains high!
    Sing a new song unto the Lord,
    Singing Allelujah!

    Yahweh’s people dance for joy!
    Oh come before the Lord!
    And play for Him on glad tamborines,
    And fill your hearts with song!

    Comment by Dana | November 14, 2007

  4. I saw Joie and some of her gang at a movie about the power of music (August Rush) and the basic sentiment was that God gave us music as a form of communication that goes beyond just words. I heartily agree. But I also believe that when the power of music is wielded with no ultimate purpose at extending worship toward the Lord, as it usually is, than it can actually be of a detrimental purpose ultimately. Why? Because it can pull the person, young or old, away from the Creator who I believe gave us music expressly for the purpoase of worshipping Him. I think of, as an example, those spoken of in Romans chapter one who worshipped the creation instead of the Creator. They got to that place by enjoying what God created and losing sight of WHO created it and WHY He created it. Bob Jone’s said that music was the enemy’s tool in this past generation. Dana’s right. If we want to see songs take there place in a generation that doesn’t understand the dulled up music, then we have to keep stealing back the music. So, to the worship leaders I say the same thing that Joie and and Pastor Tim are saying to the rest of us… GO FOR IT! The enemy is using music to go for the jugular so we need to keep taking it back with no fear of HOW IT MAKES US LOOK.

    Comment by Lori Nichols | November 20, 2007

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