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What a Weekend!

This was a whirlwind weekend!  On Friday I was invited to meet Cate and John Gard who are running for Congress against Kagen.  The awesome thing at that event was that I found out about Cate Gard’s work in none other than RWANDA!!  Then on Saturday, Shouts of Joy Ministries had a booth at the Kermis Festival in downtown Little Chute.  I had the whole thing set up with a Rwandan flare.  Well who showed up around noon to shake hands and kiss babies?  John and Cate Gard.  Funny moment, John stood in front of the booth while I was speaking with Cate, and was saying, “Wow this is getting weird.  This booth is for Rwanda! Small world!”  Then I reintroduced myself to him and began to further explain about our work in Rwanda.  After many hours of greeting and informing most of Little Chute we packed up and went home.  Then on Sunday morning I was invited to a luncheon with Immaculee by Kathy Lochner, a wonderful woman who’s heart is both for the U.S. and Rwanda, imagine that! 🙂  Meeting Immaculee was oddly like a quick trip to Kigali.  The friendly, very open way of the Rwandese was emanating from her beautiful smile.  Hearing her speak later that afternoon was truly inspirational.  What was odd for me was that here we sat with thousands of people in the middle of my home land talking about Rwanda.  I don’t know how to explain it but somehow it was surreal.  The one thing that kept going through my mind was how the prophesy about how God stitching this area of Wisconsin with Rwanda for both of our benefits was actually coming to pass.  Well, here we go.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped with the Kermis Festival Booth and Immaculee’s event!  Your work is greatly!!!!! appreciated!


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  1. Okay, my comment is that I was deeply impressed by John Gard. He is the real deal. Vote John! Yeah!

    Comment by Joie | October 21, 2008

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