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A Word in Due Season

Weird thing happened during the Christmas season this year.  God kept speaking to me about this coffee shop on N just outside of Kimberly.  He kept telling me that he wanted me to go there, to bring people, to tell people about it, to go and speak to the owners, to help in any way that He shows me.  These thoughts kept coming to mind and then on Jan. 2 it got so crazy I broke down and drove over.  I met the owner and his name is Brian.  He’s a pretty cool guy.  I was worried about what to tell him if anything.  I mean what I am supposed to do, “Excuse me, yeah God told me to come here and help you.”  A bit uncomfortable.  So I made Bobby come with me and we went in and ordered hot chocolate because I don’t drink coffee and Bobby was fasting, ugh.  I was asking too many questions and felt that it was getting akward so I asked him if he could sit down and chat.  Bobby and I spoke to him for some time.  It was really encouraging.  I tried to come a crossed as normal as possible and told him that God was asking me to help him out.  He was really receptive.  I am stoked.  So, here is my pitch, God has asked me to ask you to go to that coffee shop.  How weird is that?  Hope to see you there.

Chocolate and Coffee

Great Lakes Coffee

On N in the new little strip mall on the top of the hill just a crossed the street from Kimberly High.

Let me know what you think if you go, and make sure to try the chocolate, it is actually better than Godiva.  Tell them Joie sent you.  LOL


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