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First Wave: January 18, 2009




There have been some really exciting things happening regarding the Fox Valley prophecies in the past month that I thought it would be beneficial to give everyone an update.

First of all for those of you who have not read the prophecies that were given beginning in 1998 regarding the “Dark Night” that the Valley would go through and then the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that would follow, click here for extensive synopsis.

The “Dark Night” began in 2001 and the attributes prophesied to manifest during that time can be read in the synopsis also. As the “Dark Night” would end I was told that an outpouring of the Holy Spirit would begin. They would transpire night to day without fanfare or sensation but the first of three waves would emerge like a tide rises.

There were a number of prophecies given for individual local churches that we decided not to go public with. I had not been told to share them publicly like I was with the CTR prophecies, so I documented them and waited to see each one come to pass. A number of people were told about these and the churches who had asked for them received only their own.

One significant word that I had gotten in 2005 was about Integrity Church. I was told that when Pastor Mike Randerson would step down from his Pastoral position the first wave would begin. We at the House of Prayer (HOP) were waiting to see what Pastor Randerson would do and when.

Another indicator of the beginning of the first wave of the outpouring was that a specific man, husband to one of the HOP members, would begin to attend CCV. That was told to me while I was praying for his wife on three different occasions. Another indicator was that a good friend of ours, who had left CCV, would also return. These men were specifically named and a number of people knew these words as they were given. The last of these foretold indicators was that when the first wave began people who left CCV during the “Dark Night” would begin to return.

On January 18th of this year Pathways Church (formally known as Integrity) announced that Pastor Mike Randerson was stepping down from the Pastoral position and was going to change his focus of ministry to Africa. Also on January 18th both the husband that had not been attending church since Kingsway closed and the estranged man attended CCV. Both have been there every Sunday since. There were also people who had left during the turmoil at CCV who came back on that same Sunday as well.

Because all of these indicators happened on that Sunday I began to watch very closely the attendance of the subsequent CCV services. Both of these things were prophesied to have increases during the first wave. Checking the statistics with help from Lisa Boddie the church secretary, I found that during the 6 weeks prior to Jan. 18th CCV was averaging 134 people a Sunday. On Jan 18th there were 154. Over the next 6 weeks CCV showed a 21% increase.

We believe that with the fulfillment of these indicators that the first wave of three, that constitute the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, has begun. (See the Fox Valley Prophecies synopsis for more information).

This means that the “Dark Night” is now fading. For the “Dark Night” to be finished the following three things still need to occur: the two stones, the abortion clinic on Gillett and the Paradise Club, will be removed, and Christ the Rock Community Church, which is the final church to be affected by the “Dark Night”, will split.

When the abortion Clinic goes down and closes permanently we have been instructed through a vision to go to the Saint John’s parking lot in Little Chute the following evening and pray for the sick. So be watching for that.

Another thing to be careful for is the prophecy about not being influenced by the two specific camps of Bob Jones and Dutch Sheets/C. Peter Wagner. Again, I was not told anything negative about these two camps, only that God did not want this outpouring of the Holy Spirit to be influenced by them. This particular word came before I was healed in 2001. And since then both of these camps have begun conferences here in the Valley. I believe that this is not a coincidence and that we need to take this word very seriously. The local ministers hosting these camps are creating a platform for the very camps that God does not want us to be influenced by and according to this word this is not God’s will. Therefore, I want to strongly encourage you, again, not to attend.

So, we are in the first wave, finally! Thank God!

Things will continue to happen quickly. We are praying that we in the Valley will understand what times we are in and what we should do about it like the sons of Issachar (I Chronicles 12:32). So please be in prayer and be watching for what God is doing. The more we hear from the Body of Christ, the clearer the picture we have.


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  1. I have helped to document most of the prophecies, words, etc mentioned above, including those regarding the Dark Night and the Flood. So I just wanted to verify that the things that have come to pass were told to me and others before they occurred, including the Pastor Mike Randerson prophecy.

    Comment by Michelle Little | February 28, 2009

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    Comment by Mike | March 2, 2009

  3. Thanks Mike. We are about to spend a week updating and adding things. Any suggestions? One thing is we are going to add a link to a short version of my testimony of when I was healed and when I was sent to Rwanda. Should be fun.

    Comment by joiepirkey | March 2, 2009

  4. Joie, just curious. Wondering who it is that was prophesied to be returning to CCV and now has. Not sure if you can share that or not, but just curious.

    Comment by Chad Rath | March 4, 2009

  5. No problem. Randy LeBelle was the man that we were told would return when the first wave began, on three different occasions. Brian, the guy who sits up front, was the guy we were told, by name, would come back who used to attend. And then I was also told a number of times that people who left during the turmoil would come back in the first wave as well. A general sweep implying there would be many. I have also been given a few names of others who are to come back before the abortion clinic comes down and all that was prophesied to happen at the end of the first wave, just before the second. I think that it’s best not to post them publically as to keep from “self fullfilling any word or messing it up from happening. But I will tell you personally if you keep it to yourself.

    Comment by joiepirkey | March 4, 2009

  6. Interesting…..I left CCV when the Pastor was referencing from a Dutch Sheets book more than the Word.

    Comment by Judi W | May 15, 2009

  7. Testing.

    Comment by Douglas | January 28, 2010

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