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Islamic Agenda: Spread by the Church


 by Joie Pirkey of Shouts of Joy Ministries

 I am part of the Biblical Missiological Group which has members from around the world, most of whom are scholars in the Islamic Studies field and/or are missionaries to the Muslim population. Our common thread is our deep concern with the Insider Movement that is changing the face of missions to Muslims and is heretical in nature. We often send articles and comments to each other via email. This morning an article was emailed to me titled, “Recent Changes in Christian Approaches to Islam” by Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo of Barnabas Aid ministries.

The article was very informative and I want to suggest to everyone to take the time to read it. This Insider Movement issue is not simply a mission’s issue. Through the article mentioned above and a number of others I have read and researched, I am finding that an entire other agenda is being perpetrated using missions, and in effect the Church. What I am finding is a strategic plan to spread Islam. After 911 many Islamic organizations set out to publicly redefine the image of Islam, to give it a PR scrub down, to reinvent what the world thought about it, saw in it, and understood it to be. In that push for a new and improved image many politically correct ideologs grabbed hold of the spin, the verbiage, and the agenda, even large portions of the Church. It baffles me to think that any well-meaning Christian involved in the Insider Movement could not see through what is going on. I am hoping they are simply not informed. Hopefully this article will help shed light on the quickly growing problem that is gripping not only our nation but the world.

Often when movements pick up speed there is a large amount of money coming from somewhere. We have all heard the phrase, “Follow the money”. It does not take much research to find millions being paid into the States from multiple sources driving this agenda. Soohkdeo states in his article:

“Numerous dialogue programmes have been organized by local interfaith organizations and councils of churches. Two major academic centers providing programmes centered on Muslim-Christian relations: Hartford Seminary in Connecticut… and the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU), founded at Georgetown University in 1993. Through research, publications, academic and community programmes, CMCU seeks to improve relations between the Muslim world and the West and to enhance understanding of Muslims in the West. In 2005 it received a $20 million gift from Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia in order to strengthen and expand its many programmes; its full name is now the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding.”

Through some research done by our Shouts of Joy Ministries staff we found that John Esposito is the leader of CMCU. $20,000,000 was given to this man’s organization, from a Muslim leader, from a predominantly Muslim nation. Why?


When researching Mr. Esposito I found this article, “A Western Dhimmi’s Unending Propaganda for Islam- Part II [on John Esposito]” by Jacob Thomas, March 2, 2008, in which Mr. Thomas writes about Esposito.

“Georgetown professor John Esposito, director of the Saudi-financed Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding has a reputation as an apologist for radical Islam.”

“Esposito displayed contempt for anyone calling for the theological and cultural reform of Islam. He described Middle East Forum director Daniel Pipes and Princeton professor Bernard Lewis as ‘among the Darth Vaders of the world,’ and Pipes and Islam scholar Robert Spencer as ‘Islamophobes‘.”

Thomas goes on to say,

“To tell the truth about Islam is not a sign of Islamophobia; on the contrary it indicates the courage of men who defy the reigning orthodoxy of political correctness, and fearlessly recount the history of Islam and expound its tenets with complete honesty and objectivity.”

The CMCU, lead by John Esposito, has ties with the “Leadership Group on US-Muslim Engagement” mostly through Georgetown University. Sookhdeo states about that group:

“A Leadership Group on US-Muslim Engagement has been set up, which includes high-ranking bipartisan leaders from politics, religion and business. Its brief is to pursue engagement with the Muslim world based on common ground and to chart new directions for furthering this goal. Among its many recommendations is a dramatic expansion of interfaith dialogue initiatives. It urges that highly visible and well-publicized interfaith events should be held in the US, the Middle East and Asia to promote mutual respect based on shared religious values and to educate the public.”

This concerns me. Islamic leaders are paying handsomely for U.S. organizations to promote a pro-Islam agenda through politics and religion? How is this possible and why would these organizations be willing?

The article by Sookhdeo also states that

“In 2003 the US Justice Department gave a million dollars to the Fuller School of World Mission to work on peacemaking with Muslims. U.S. Congress funding, as well as British Foreign Office funding, has gone into conferences, consultations and Christian organizations with the aim of bringing about reconciliation between Islam and Christianity. ‘Ecumenical’ relations were redefined to include Islam as well as Christian denominations. Concepts such as the ‘Abrahamic religions’ and the ‘Abrahamic covenant’ were introduced to consolidate Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Interfaith policies were to be developed to influence all aspects of life, especially the media and education. The apparent aim was not just to rehabilitate Islam after 9/11 but to legitimize and establish it.” (See the following two articles refuting the “Abrahamic religions” idea: “‘CHARTS MAY CHANGE BUT JESUS, NEVER’ (Crew) – Refutation of Insider Movement Chart ‘Abraham’s Two Sons of Mercy’” and “Subsumption Theology.”)

In August of 2009 I became surprisingly aware of a number of large evangelical churches and ministries actively promoting the legitimizing of Islam. I could not believe what I was hearing and reading. Common Path Alliance and Jesus in the Quran are both Christian organizations that actually twist orthodox theologies into this distorted rhetoric of the “commonalities” between Islam and Christianity. In doing so, they actually redefine Christ as Isa in the Quran and omit the familial language of God in the Bible, to name a few.

In the process of exposing this heretical teaching of the Insider Movement and confronting both local and national organizations for promoting the method, it has confused me why these people consistently try to evade the truth of what they are actually doing. When someone comes forward to confront these folks, they all seem to use the same tactics and even the same deflective phrases. They first attack their confronter personally. After that they respond to direct questions with this weird sort of political spin verbiage that doesn’t really mean anything. Bottom line: They are not owning what they are teaching and using in the “dialogues” with Muslims and they are not sharing openly and honestly about what they are truly doing. Why? If they sincerely believe in this method of missions why not be forthright and open about it? Why not engage in an open forum for debate and inspection? Why not endeavor to educate the church where biblical theologians can be present and ask pointed questions that speak to the heretical nature of a number of the fundamental ideas espoused? I believe that what we have here is not a group of people seeking the truth but ones choosing to stay in ignorance, who are willingly being used in the politically correct agenda of spreading the false religion of Islam.

Sookhdeo goes on to state in his article

“It should also be noted that many mission agencies are keeping secret their support for the Insider Movement, for fear that donors will stop giving to them in protest. Some of their missionaries also keep their identities secret, presenting themselves as ordinary foreign workers rather than as preachers of the Gospel. This apparent lack of integrity calls the Christian ethical basis of the Movement into question.”

Notice here in the Feb 4, 2009 article titled, “Muslim leaders and Christian volunteers host religious dialogues in Saharawi camps” by Timothy Kustusch about Christ the Rock Community Church (CTR), a large Evangelical church in Menasha, WI, that has hosted Jesus in the Quran conferences. They are well known advocates of the Insider Movement and also use this method of missions in their work in Africa. Janet Lenz is the Director of Missions and she is quoted as saying, 

“We didn’t come here to convert anyone,” assures Janet (Lenz). “We’re trying to open up conversation so we can better love our fellow man.”

On an interesting note, the leadership at CTR also declined denouncing this teaching when confronted by local ministers and have evaded answering specific questions about their use of this heresy to even their own members.

I know that it is hard to believe that a large evangelical church could collect money for missions and then send out missionaries who are actively seeking to present themselves as people who simply desire to love their fellow man without even having a secret agenda to convert these bound people. But this is the reality. Listen to this quote taken from the “Jesus in the Quran” conference that CTR hosted back in August 2009.

“Our goal in the morning, we lay out a foundation for the Kingdom of God. We become really clear about what we are doing when we are trying to talk about our faith or sharing our faith: that it’s the message of the Kingdom of God, that we’re not interested in any Muslim converting to Christianity…” (Listen here.)

The presenter is referring to the Insider Method of missions he uses and teaches at large Evangelical Churches all over the country. (See “‘Common Ground Conference’ held in the Fox Valley – Pigeonholing Christianity with Islam” for more information.)

Sookhdeo writes about this problem:

“The contemporary Church in the West is being cut adrift from its theological moorings, strand by strand. The value formerly placed on reason, debate, creeds and doctrines is increasingly dismissed as unimportant, particularly in the Western Protestant evangelical tradition. Instead, the Church has embraced postmodernism, and has defined the Christian faith in terms only of love and grace. These concepts now shape missiological approaches too. A faith that was once noted, particularly in the Islamic world, for its definite convictions is now being massively transformed.”

 Leaving a Christ inspired agenda of converting souls at home is not the only problem that lends to promoting the spread of

Islam. It is also that groups like the CTR mission’s team take upon themselves beliefs and practices of Islam and in effect legitimize and over time spread them. I have read a number of articles expressing this same idea that Christians are being affected by Islam and taking on their beliefs when using this Insider method for missions. Sookhdeo agrees:

“In light of these theological trends, we believe that some evangelical Christians in the West, in their concern to forge peaceful relations with Muslims, may be implicitly accepting some aspects of Muslim theology. In particular the danger inherent in the Yale response to A Common Word, some evangelical endorsements of interfaith dialogue, and the Insider Movement is the implicit reducing of the Biblical Jesus to the status of the Qur’anic Isa, and the consequent reducing of Christianity to something compatible with Islam. Elements of the Muslim view of history and politics are also being endorsed.”

This idea of sitting down with Muslims and having dialogue with them in mutual respect gives on the surface the idea of plurality of the faiths that does not exist. It also gives place for Muslim ideologies to be propagated. Sookhdeo also comments on this idea in his writings,

“Most notable, however, is the view of Islam espoused by the movement. In many programmes of interfaith dialogue with Muslims the Christian participants presuppose a pluralist view in which Islam is seen as a redemptive religion, Muhammad as a valid prophet of God and the Qur’an as a revelation from God. This implies that the Islamic view of Islam and Christianity as interlinked facets of one monotheistic, prophetic religion is correct. In its more extreme forms it contradicts the Biblical teaching that Jesus Christ is the ultimate and unique agent of God’s salvation for all, or affirms Islamic understandings of God, Christ and scripture that are at variance with New Testament norms.”

High ranking, wealthy Muslims are pumping enormous amounts of money and energies into promoting the spread of Islam. They are using the Christian Church to do it. The Insider Movement whether aware or not has taken up that agenda and is promoting Islamic propaganda. They are using the same terminologies, the same pigeonholing theologies, the dialogues, and the legitimizations that in effect build the popularity of Islam. Privately confronting the leaders who adhere to these ideas in the Christian Church appears to be having no effect. The only way to address this travesty is to pull the funding and to publicly expose the truth of what they are doing. If you are giving monies to missions you need now, more than ever before, to be keenly aware of what those particular missionaries are doing in the Muslim parts of the world. Ask the right questions. Demand the truthful answers. Tell your friends who also give to missions. Comment on national blogs that list articles about this issue. Use your voice. Use your resources. Spread the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ. The real and only foundational defense we have to the spread of Islam is the spread of the Truth. That truth is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why it is so utterly important that our missionaries are aware of this demonic agenda and reject it forthrightly. The Church needs to take up once again the headship of Jesus Christ and promote His agenda only.

As British Statesman Edmund Burke so aptly said, “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.”


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  1. Received this in a response to the newsletter tonight, thought I would post it so as to pass on the info.
    ” Bernard Lewis is the preeminent and most respected scholar of Islam in the Western World. Any activity funded by the Saudis is likely to support the Wahhabi Jihadist agenda of radical Islam. Most Christian Churches have been seduced by the Muslim “outreach” and fail to see the real agenda at work.

    Read Robert Spencer’s “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran.” It is an easy read and very informative.”

    Comment by joiepirkey | March 23, 2010

  2. Very Interesting . If an unltra conservative Christian man would ask his wife to cover her head in church as the bible says , It would be offensive.
    However, here you can see a Christian proactively wearing a hijab and it is worthy of praise . Wonder If she stopped eating Pork and eats only halal . Or allows her husband to beat her to submission as the Quran says, sooner or later they will say ploygamy is fine since the Quran mentions it .
    Wonder it Americans will agree with Islam where gays would be sent to Saudi Arabia for hormone injections .

    Comment by Sultans of swing | March 23, 2010

    • This is so sad..all of the pointing of the fingers..I see or hear no love of Jesus in your attacks…pretty sick shit to me

      Comment by Georgene | April 7, 2010

    • Nothing is more dangerous than wrong knowledge because it can spread mischief,chaos,lies and latter all this comes back in shame when truth comes out.
      What Mary and Jesus said is to a muslim more valuable than what someone else who didn’t see or meet Jesus said(like Paul)So if Jesus said God is one,then I beleive it.If he said don’t eat pork,I believe it and follow it.If Mary covers her head like muslim women(See her statue at christmas)I respect it.Halal means no pork,no blood,no dead meat.This is what Jesus said this is what muslims believe.
      And guess what which is the only divine book that says “Mary only one”?If you couldn’t guess it is Quran.But because Quran is the only divine book for all mankind and all times so it has law that will be available to follow when needs arise and law is,”you can mary,two,or three,or four if you can do justice between them and it is very difficult”
      Islam is the only system that if tells you a commandment tells you how to accomplish it as well.If it tells you get peace it tells you do justice to get.
      Doug is everything OK with you?

      Comment by abdus | April 13, 2010

    • You so called “Sultan of swings” you have proved that to you like some hatemongers more important is not to work together with muslims against moral decay the society is going through in the form of homosexuality,or sexual anarchy,or alcoholism or other social vices(gambling)to make America a better society for our future generations.When all evil people unite to push the society further into decay where are the good people?
      How then we can wish good for our future?Or is just speaking”Church made christianity” against “teachings of Jesus” the recipe?

      Comment by Gupta | April 17, 2010

  3. I was just sent this by a local minister and thought it was interesting in light of the article above:

    In 1952 President Truman established one day a year as a “National Day of Prayer.”

    In 1988, President Reagan designated the first Thursday in May of each year as the National Day of Prayer.

    In June 2007, (then) Presidential candidate Barack Obama declared that the USA was no longer a Christian nation.

    This year President Obama, canceled the 21st annual National Day of Prayer ceremony at the White House under the rouse of “not wanting to offend anyone”.

    On September 25, 2009 from 4 am until 7pm, a National Day of Prayer for the Muslim religion was held on Capitol Hill, beside the White House. There were over 50,000 Muslims that day in DC.

    Comment by joiepirkey | March 23, 2010

  4. I also received this email from a guy named Jo:

    “Oh for petes sake pray for them find common ground and be a peacemaker. Love them. Turn
    your cheek and serve them
    as Christ would.”

    To him I responded:

    Whatever happened to making disciples out of them? Sharing with them that they are sinners in need of a Savior? That that Savior is Jesus Christ? You want to love them…to death? You want to seek peace with a Muslim when Christ came to give them real peace? At what expense?

    When Jesus faced heresy He confronted it. It causes death and traps people. He didn’t serve people and allow them in their sin, He served them to show them that there was a way out and sometimes that caused offense.”

    But his email address didn’t work, so I thought I would post the discourse here in hopes that he sees this. I find his response very disconcerting and am wondering who is at fault and how can we change the the way political correct nonsense has seeped into his understanding. His and obviously others. Thoughts?

    Comment by joiepirkey | March 23, 2010

    • Hi,

      The problem (especially in the western churches) is that people are offended when they hear “the full word of God”. We have now got to the point that we only ever preach love and grace but we never convict anyone of their sin. As many young Christians today what Jesus saves them from? I tell you now that you will get a mixed response from this question.

      Jesus saves us from the punishment of our sin which is ultimately the lake of fire. That is the answer. But most young Christians of today have no idea what the lake of fire is because it isn’t preached any more. And if anyone dare preach it then they are branded a “Hell fire preacher”. Most people are drifting toward a prosperity gospel that Jesus will give them everything they want if they turn to Him.

      We have so watered down the message with so much sugar coating that when approach people who hate Christ we just bow down to them, sugar coat the word, and say “love and grace”. We never tell them that Love and Grace comes from a repentant heart that knows they are not worthy because of their sin to step before God. We never tell them that until they turn to Jesus Christ that their sin will send them into a lake of fire. Churches of today need to start telling the full truth that Jesus Christ is saving them from an eternity in hell fire. This message does not get preached anymore because Pastors and Vicars are more interested in numbers than saving souls. So what you get is teachers, preachers and followers of

      “love everyone even if they are completely off the rails…be graceful with them and dont hurt their feelings otherwise you will scare them away”

      instead of “{Gracefully} telling someone who is completely off the rails that they need to turn from what they are doing otherwise, as Jesus Christ taught, you will be thrown into a lake of fire.”

      1. They need to first believe that GOD is real before you can teach them anything
      2. Then they need to be convicted of THEIR SIN by believing that the bible is true and the word of GOD.
      3. Then show them the salvation of GOD. Not something that they have to do to climb into heaven. But the free Gift of GOD.
      4. Don’t leave it there…DISCIPLE these people so that they then stay in the faith. Holy Living is what God is looking for, with love for each other in Christ.

      What has happened now, because of the imbalance for so many years, is that *some* preachers are starting to teach that when you die without Christ that the lake of fire will just annihilate your very existence so you won’t exist anymore…MASSIVE LIE.

      This above lie tells unbelievers what they already believe. That when they die they will just not exist anymore. This LIE doesn’t convict anyone of their sin, so they don’t see a need to be saved so they ignore the salvation of Jesus Christ. This lie is a false gospel which ignore COMPLETELY why Jesus Christ died for us. It takes away the crucifixion!

      The apostles saw this coming:

      NLT 2 Tim. 4:1,3 And so I solemnly urge you before God and before Christ Jesus–who will someday judge the living and the dead when he appears to set up his Kingdom: Preach the word of God. Be persistent, whether the time is favourable or not. Patiently correct, rebuke, and encourage your people with good teaching. For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to right teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever they want to hear.

      This same message was repeated little over a century ago.

      It was C.H. Spurgeon who told his fellow preachers: ‘Shun all views of future punishment that would make it appear less terrible’. J. C. Ryle, the great Bishop of Liverpool, said: ‘Beware of new and strange doctrines about hell and the eternity of punishment. Beware of manufacturing a God of your own – a God who is all love, but not holy – a God who has a heaven for everybody, but a hell for none – a God who can show good and bad to be side by side in time, but will make no distinction between good and bad in eternity. Such a God is an idol of your own – as true an idol as was ever moulded out of brass or clay. Beware of forming fanciful theories of your own, and then trying to make the Bible square with them. Beware of making selections from the Bible to suit your taste – refusing like a spoiled child whatever you think is bitter, and seizing whatever you think is sweet. What is all this but taking a knife and cutting God’s Word to pieces? What does it amount to but telling God that you, a sinner, knows what is good for the human being, better than He does?’.

      If we want to bring back true disciple ship then we need to start preaching the full word of GOD.

      We need to start telling people that Jesus Christ is not a baby in a manger, that Jesus Christ does not hang on the cross any more, that the Grave is Empty

      We need to start telling people that He sits on the Throne of the Father in Heaven and that soon he will return to Judge the Sheep and the Goats.

      When we fully grasp this then we WANT to serve as many people as possible, we want to help as many as possible away from the fire and into the new kingdom, its something that we should pursue with *urgency* not on lazy sunday mornings only. Our life on this earth is fleeting and gone tomorrow, we have only a short time to help people so lets forget about home comforts in this life and get on with saving people. Paul said “I bare on my body the marks of Jesus Christ”. That was because he was untiring in the faith…preaching…much tribulation…much suffering…for the love of Christ and to save as many as he could. Paul never wavered when he spoke the Gospel and he would certainly put a stop to those twisting the truth today.

      Where are the Pauls of today?

      Comment by Colin | July 9, 2010


    Notice the comments where folks in the U.S. struggle to say that Islam is bad.

    Comment by joiepirkey | March 23, 2010

    • Bad persons are everywhere.But remember how christianity spread.Kill men,rape women and then clergies come saying to widows,and children.Jesus loves you,he died for your sins accept him as saviour to get in eternal gardens.Whole North ,central and south America ,whole Australia,Newziland ,Liberia,and many countries of Africa are proof of this proselytisation.
      Is this human?Is this fair?
      Why then no western christian nations speak in remorse.Well I am sorry.They are not humans.A humans means white and christian.They are something as subhumans white mans burden.They are being civlised and saved.

      Comment by John | March 24, 2010

  6. Islamic Agenda?.What is it?
    It is promoting tolerance through reasoning,logic and understanding.It works for fair play,for justice ,for no discrimination, animal rights and human rights.Rights for elderly and weak.
    I congratulate all those who are interested in bringing this great nation towards being a world leader in promoting christian muslim friendship and brotherhood.
    Any thing wrong with it?

    Comment by Abdus | March 24, 2010

    • “I congratulate all those who are interested in bringing this great nation towards being a world leader in promoting christian muslim friendship and brotherhood.
      Any thing wrong with it?”

      Abdus, a lot is wrong with that: “Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God. Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting, for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works” (2 John 9-11).

      Christians cannot be brothers of Muslims because Muslims reject both the Father and the Son: “It is not befitting to Allah that He should beget a son” (Qur’an 19.35). Allah can neither be the Father nor the Son for the Qur’an rejects both.

      Abdus, I congratulate you on your attempt at deception: it suits you.

      Comment by Douglas | March 30, 2010

      • Doug you are right partly when you talk about Jesus and bible but you forget one thing.Why you don’t follow old testament or vedas( I mean books that came before Jesus) because gospel came after that and therefore books previously were kind of outdated.Just like when you go somewhere you will buy latest edition of map not the oldest or will you?.And surely all the religious books and all prophets were for either the local people to which they came or in that particular time.Only Prophet Muhammad came to whole mankind as mercy and Quran to whole mankind as a living miracle.It would be appropriate to analyse this tall claim which is understandable and you should look for proofs.One biggest proof is that it is only Quran that remains as it was given to Prophet Muhammad in both text and language while all other books have gone through alteration,some little some more.If you still insist that you are right then you are going against teachings of Bible i.e.”Come let us reason together”in Isiah.

        Comment by abdus | March 30, 2010

  7. I am surprised at your rebuke of Janet Lenz wearing hijab in picture.
    Is it not written in bible that the women who don’t cover their head must get their heads shaved as punishment.The best example of any woman wearing hijab is of “Mary” mother of Jesus.Muslim women follow that example but christians don’t?.
    Is hatred to muslims stronger than love for Jesus and Mary?
    Oh God guide us to love each other and follow the footsteps of Jesus and Mary.

    Comment by kumar | March 25, 2010

    • Kumar,

      Jeremiah prophesied that a new covenant would come: “But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the LORD: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people” (31.33).

      Jesus fulfilled all the Law and the prophets and it is by his righteousness and not our own works that we are made right with God. It is in Jesus’ blood that we have the New Covenant with God that Jeremiah foretold.

      Kumar, do you believe Jesus is the Son of God?

      Comment by Douglas | March 30, 2010

  8. Doug,
    You have qouted Jeremiah.Let us see how Jeremiah evaluates itself(i.eBible)Read Jeremiah NIV
    How can you say”We are wise,for we have the law of the LORD”when actually lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely.
    About Jesus being son of God.Jesus has said about himself 88 times as “Son of man” in the gospel if he was son of God he would have said 88 times instead about himself as son of God.Because he knew very well that all prophet before him always said they were only humans.And Jesus knew very well that Muhammad coming after him would only revive the “Law” that he didn’t have success with and he wanted it very much to be done.Now your saying Jesus is son of God against his saying has made the great teachings of Jesus to be overlapped and covered with the teachings of church and thus made it to a “man made religion”.Jesus said the biggest commandment is “God is one” but you say for the pleasure of his opponent Paul,that God are three.Luckily now even the good number of Bishops of church of England have started saying that Jesus was not divine he was a human being.
    But Doug I am happy to see your post,I thought may be you were either sick or too busy.God give you good health.
    Youtube this”Top American aurgeon embraces Islam”.And he says he very much wanted to remain christian but as he dug he found confusion and no answers.Islam is only the continuation of the work of Jesus(yes his work,not of Paul or other scribes,historians etc).

    Comment by Kumar | March 30, 2010

    • Kumar,

      Jesus is the only way into heaven. If you took time to study the bible everyday…from start to finish…Old testament, through the Gospel and the entire new testament then you would see that Jesus Christ now sits on the Throne of God.

      Jesus Christ is the word of God and proceeded from the heart of God. Jesus Christ received the Holy Spirit without measure from God. Tell me, what is marriage – Two people who come together AS ONE! Kumar you believe in what you want I believe in the word of GOD. You reject Jesus Christ as the only way into Heaven because you do not have the Holy Spirit in you. You need to turn to Jesus Christ. Ask God for the truth and he will give it you.

      You say that you care for Doug and offer prayer for him that everything is fine yet you deny Christ is the way, the truth and the Life…do you really care!?

      You are deceiving many with a false Gospel and I rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ.

      Comment by Colin | July 9, 2010

  9. Sorry,
    You tube this.
    “Top American surgeon embraced Islam”.
    Let us research truth,as is written in bible,come let us reason together.Same is written in different relgious books with some variations.Now why does God say this.?Because God knows when you reason together you present facts,truths,reasoning and logic and that helps sift up truth only if you are interested in truth.

    Comment by Kumar | March 30, 2010

  10. Doug,
    Why is friday when Jesus was put on cross(allegedly) called Good friday?Shouldn’t it be called “Sad friday”?

    Comment by gupta | April 3, 2010

    • Jesus Christ became the acceptable sacrifice for our sins and because of this saving work from the Father in heaven we can now look towards a new kingdom that comes from Heaven. Before the sacrifice of Jesus there was no way into the new Kingdom.

      This new kingdom has not yet got here. The old testament law gave ritual and a calendar that reflected Jesus Christ to come. Jesus Christ as now come. Turn to him and repent…Through His death and blood spilt for you He has saved you from the eternal punishment in a lake of fire…isn’t that Good news to you.

      You have a choice to make. Eternal Life – Eternal Punishment. Turn to Jesus – Reject Jesus. Your choice…You have just heard the Gospel so don’t stand before God and say you never heard of the salvation of God.

      Comment by Colin | July 9, 2010

  11. The Love of God was the sacrifice of His only begotten Son on the cross for all mankind. Accept or reject it. Accept Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for your sin and have eternal life or reject Jesus Christ and have eternal punishment before the Angels of God.

    I ask everyone here to do two prayers today.

    1. Pray for the fear of God.
    2. Pray for God to open your eyes to your world in the way that He sees it.
    3. Pray for God to show you the truth.

    Forget whether you are muslim, hindu…baptist…or whatever else you want to call yourself…it means nothing to God. There are two types of People at the judgement seat, those who accept salvation through Jesus Christ and those who reject the sacrifice of Jesus.

    Comment by Colin | July 9, 2010

  12. I can’t believe how brainwashed all of you are! Colin says pray for the fear of God. If you pray for the fear of god, then you pray for the fear of yourself!! You pray for god to show you the truth, but you pray to a false god. You have no idea what God is. When are you people going to learn that the god of every modern religion is not the real god. The real God has nothing to do with religion. The real God is that energy source that drives every living thing, we are part of it, and it is part of us. All this rubbish about lakes of fire and burning in hell and eternal punishment are just SCARE TACTICS to make you conform to someone else’s greedy agenda. And on the subject of only receiving salvation through Jesus Christ..this is only a 2000year old belief. What happened to all the people’s souls/spirits that lived before Jesus’s time. Did they just disappear into nothingness?? I don’t think so. When you die, whether it be 6000 years ago or 2000years into the future, that spark within all living things returns to it’s source(GOD). That is the true meaning of God. All you people are so focused on proving who is right and who is wrong, which religion is the truth. I tell you this, stop being so brainwashed, slap yourselves in the face and open your eyes to the hypocritical and sinful lives you all lead. I pray to the 1 and only divine spark in all life and IT has shown me the truth..the truth that all modern religions and their gods are false gods. Religious books are full of hypocricy and contradictions, the word of YOUR god. One last thing, that divine spark, that energy is never lost, it belongs to the source and is in all of us. If God sends us to “hell”, then he sends part of himself to hell as well. I really don’t think this would happen. Our flesh will die, but our spirit always returns home(GOD). So argue and fight with each other as much as you want, we’re all going to end up in the same place. There is no hell in another realm, it is here on Earth, always was and always will be while religion still exists.

    Comment by Don | September 27, 2010

    • Don, the Bible says Jesus is the Creator, the source you speak of, who has always been:

      ” He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything he might be preeminent. For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross (Colossians 1.15-20).

      May God have mercy on you and bring you to repentance.

      Comment by Douglas Pirkey | September 28, 2010

      • Douglas, don’t get me wrong. I do believe in God, and i do believe in Jesus. Its just that i have lost faith in the church and its teachings, from what i used to see and used to hear in church, i feel that its veered off track and lost its way. The priests chant and talk without putting their heart and soul into it. There is no feeling involved, like they are programmed to blurt out information only so the ears can hear, but not understand. And when you question something they tell you to rely on faith alone and the priests become afraid of you because “I ask too many questions!”
        There was 1 out of body experience i had 15years ago, it was my first of many. I was a very bad person before then, but what i saw and felt in that state changed me forever. All i can say, there is a golden colored realm that we call heaven where the creator is. It was that which i saw that made me believe there is a higher power.
        About miracles of Jesus: My mum had a dream about 10 years ago where she saw Jesus. She went to sleep with a stomach ache and in that dream he put his hand on her stomach and she felt the pain go away(still in the dream). Jesus asked my mum in her dream “When is my birthday?” She replied Jan 7,(being Orthodox). He said no. My mum said Dec 25, he said no. Then he said to her “on this day you will go to church and celebrate my birthday.” The day of this dream was 27th September. One year later on that day we were going to work with my mum, her friend, my brother and my cousin, we all worked in the same area. We pulled over on the road to get a newspaper. My mum opened the door to get out, she put 1 foot out the door and a truck coming from behind slammed her door and ripped it off the hinges, nearly taking my mum with it. Thank god she wasn’t hurt. Every year on this date my mum and i go to church, not to listen to the priest waffle on, but to acknowledge his true birthday. There are no coincidences in life, what happened that day was a message from above. Sometimes in life you have to experience something in order to find your way. Thats why i say to you i have found my way, my life is very peaceful and fulfilling. You can believe in God and Jesus, but you don’t have to acknowledge the Priest. I pray at home in my time out room where i go to think and ponder about the meaning of everything.

        Comment by Anonymous | September 28, 2010

  13. To Don and anonymous.
    God is present,after all this complicated universe couldn’t have come by itself nor the injustice,cruelty and exploitation that some people become victim of in life would escape punishment by the just God.But sadly all the faiths as practiced including christianity have changed track ,drifted away from the teachings of its originator.Islam believes that all the prophets including Jesus taught oneness of God and how to achieve peace and prosperity in this life and hereafter.After the departure of the prophets the people including their clergy wanted to continue the easy,unreligious life and so again changed the teachings by including the corruption into it.Go knew the nature of his creation,so in the case of last book “Quran” he included such “change proof measures” that the Quran remains today the only book that has kept its text as it was given to prophet Muhammad.Sadly gospel went through worst thanks to the same two group of people who were instrumental in putting Jesus on the cross.They even succeeded in killing the language so they could easily and arrogantly make anti christ teaching changes included in bible.And that is what gospel today contains.Just ask yourself what is the justification of including teachings of Paul who never even met Jesus in life,and whose teachigns are in clear contradiction of that of Jesus.What has happened to all the devout christians? Why can’t they think,can’t get together and initiate a movement for the purification of mission and ministry of Jesus.?
    So have faith in God but to reach to him,read Quran.

    Comment by joe | October 3, 2010

  14. Very thoughts provoking ..i have watched Insider Movement work closely and it is totally baseless and kind of heretical approach to Muslims.. thanks for posting here though i often read feed on Biblical Missiologist and strongly support..
    God bless
    Sabir Ali

    Comment by Sabir Ali | July 7, 2012

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