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Wallis Defended by Local Athiest.

I was at Jimmy John’s Restaurant this morning and actually heard the Lord tell me to pick up a magazine laying on the top of a counter there. When I looked at it and saw an icky Zombie on the cover I thought, no, that’s not the Lord. Then I heard again,” pick it up, there is an article about Wallis in it”. So I thought, weird, now I have to look to see if there actually is one. And sure enough, half way through was an article titled, “The World According to Robertus Maximus: Red-baiting Jim Wallis”.

So I read it and found it to be well, stupid. It’s a rant by well known local atheist, Robert Nordlander where he dices up Jesus into two separate people and slams the Word of God all while he explains why Wallis is good and should be left alone by idiot Christians(his sentiments) like Jake Jacobs and Robert Meyers. But after hearing the Lord like that about the article being in the magazine, and then finding it in there I was intrigued. So I sat there and asked the Lord why He showed me this.

Here is what I got: I feel that the content of the article itself is not the point but that the most well know ‘anti Christ’ person in the Valley, Robert Nordlander, is siding with Wallis and by proxy Bob Lenz/ Life Promotions. If we do actually fight against an enemy, and as most of you know the Bible says we do, then I think that this endorsement by a very ‘anti God’ man of Wallis, speaks to the thought that the enemy want this assimilation of Wallis’ false teaching into the gospel of Jesus Christ here in the Valley. I feel that Life Promotions has assisted in this plan by allowing Wallis a format/ platform from which to speak his false teachings into the Valley. Keep in mind his teachings haven’t come from just that speech but from the vast amount of printed material teaching it that was sold at Lifest as well. And then with Bob publicly endorsing him, creating the idea that Wallis’ teachings are worth standing up for and fighting for, gives the youth who paid attention the format in which to follow Wallis via the internet.

This issue isn’t going away because it addresses a fundamental change in the Body of Christ in the past two decades. The Evangelical Church has assumed the political correct agenda into even it’s doctrines. The Emergent Church Movement is one such example and of course the C5 Insider Movement in Missions is another. Why has the Church not grown and has only decreased in the U.S. in the past few decades we ask? We have taken ourselves out from under the headship of Jesus Christ and anything built on that sinking sand will not last. The Church is in trouble people. What will you do about it?


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