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Dream about Homosexuality

I had a dream last night from the Lord. I have no clue who it is for but as I have spent the day praying about it I feel that there are many.
I was sitting in the center of a large Church. I was not familiar with it nor the speaker. A man doing announcements went up to the mic and he had a sort of sarcastic, condescending look on his face. Something in me cringed. Just then I noticed a woman, maybe 28 years old, reach over and take the young woman sitting next to her under her arm and wisped something. When they did this they kept their heads resting on each other’s and I thought,
“Oh no, they don’t know that this church believes homosexuality is a sin.”
Just then the speaker began to make this very crude comment about being gay, like a saying we have all have heard that disses homosexuals and makes fun of them. As he was sharing this he also noticed the girls and gave a bit of a mean twist to his disdain of them. I was thinking, “No! No! NO!” The girls were obviously offended and stood up to leave. I stood up right behind them hoping to catch them and apologize for the speaker and see if God would open a door for me to sincerely minister to them. But as we three got up and headed for the door, two other couples of women were also getting up and leaving. One of them was very angry. She was young, with short hair and a grey sweater. The entire congregation stopped and watched us leave.

As I approached the six women, an older lady with grey hair and glasses came up pushing past me and began to address the women who had gathered behind the staircase outside that were talking about what happened. The little old lady began by saying something like,
“Surely you knew that homosexuality was a sin,” and I reached my arm out in front of her to stop her. She became very offended and said;
“Well someone has to tell them that it’s a sin” she was disgusted with them but wanted to get things straight. I looked her in the eye and said,
“Let me handle this”. I was turning back to the women and the old lady said,
“well who do you think you are?” I turned back to look at her, and whispered,
“I am anointed for this; I know that I am anointed and that you are not, because I love these girls and want them to know that freedom exists for them. You are disgusted by them and want them to know that they are in the prison of their sin.” The woman was silent and walked away and I was thinking wow where did that come from? As I was thinking about my own words I realized that I was in a dream from the Lord and these words were not mine but the Holy Spirits to teach us.
The girls were sitting, some were standing and they were saying,
“Man I have been going to church for 6 years and not one time did anyone ever do anything like that. Maybe this church is like a cult or something telling people they are sinners”. The next girl in the grey sweater with short hair said,
“Screw them those bigoted bastards; they don’t have a clue what they are even talking about!” She was pacing. Then a girl with black hair to her shoulders and a tattoo on her neck walked up closer to me and said in tears,
“why would he do that? Why would he make fun of us like that in front of everyone?” and she was struggling to hold back tears, I could tell that she had had a very hard life and was seeking love wherever she could find it. So I reached out and took hold of her shoulder and squeezed it and said,
“That man is ignorant. He’s just not aware of what he is doing standing up there in his pride. All people are sinners Sug’. Everyone. Even him. He just feels better about himself when he disses someone else’s sin. She looked up into my eyes pleading,
“but no one ever told me being gay was a sin, we are made that way for goodness sake.”
“You know because of what Adam did we all are made that way now.” I said to her still standing on the bottom step a bit above their heads.
“What do you mean?’ She asked.
“When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden sin went into every human being except the new Adam, we each are born that way, born into sin.”
“New Adam?” she asked. When she asked that, the short haired girl came up to me and grabbed me by the shirt at the shoulders and pulled me off the step. She lifted her knee up and yanked me onto her extended thigh. She began to ram her thigh between my legs up against my groin and was yelling and laughing
“Ride ‘em Cowboy! Ride “em Cowboy!” When I got my bearings I shoved her so hard that she fell back onto her back.
“Now tell me before God that that didn’t turn you on!” and she laughed as she demanded an answer from me.
“I can tell you before God as my witness that did nothing for me; Sorry Sug’ you are just not my type.”
“You’re lying” she screeched and then began to spread her thighs apart and wiggled on the grass back and forth making these like, moaning noises and laughing. I could see the demon on her but she seemed to be in her mind and like she was teasing and enjoying this.
So I gently kicked her legs together and said, “Not attractive from anyone’s perspective.” At that she laughed hard and got up.
I looked up at the other girls and a few were very disgusted by what the short haired girl had done. By the reactions on their faces I could tell which girls were open and which ones were trapped by the demon that this girl had on her.
So I looked back at them,
“Many things in life, situations, things you feel, and smell, and see can turn you on, but are they God best for you? I loved a man once when I was very young. And I believed then that I could not live without him, that we must have been made to be together. But he was not God’s best for me.” The girl who I had put my hand on her shoulder again said,
“How could you know that he was not God’s best for you?” I replied,
“Because he was married. And we can see in God’s own Word that we are not to have another woman’s husband so I knew no matter how much I loved him, no matter how I felt with him, that He was not God bests for me. God didn’t put that in his word to punish me. He didn’t say not to take another woman’s man so that I would have to suffer. He said it so that I could be set free to see what God’s best for me was. ”
“What was God’s best for you?” the tattooed girl asked.
“First and always His best is Jesus. And when I knew His love for me I knew His choice for me would be the only thing I would be happy with.” They stood there listening. Quiet and thinking, I went on,
“Many of you have been deeply wounded, I can see it in you and the Holy Spirit is showing what has happened to you. Don’t grab on to anything to be safe, to not be lonely, you must grab onto Jesus. He will show you the rest. Forsake everything for Him and He alone will work out your life.” The girl with the tattoo asked,
“Are you married Joie, “and I wondered how she knew my name,
“yes I am married to Douglas. He is God’s best for me.” And then I began to walk back into the church motioning for whoever would to come. The girl with the tattoo wove her arm around my waist and I held her tightly and said to her,
“and by the way, my husband is smokin’ hot.” They all giggled, and two more followed.
“I am telling you that not because he is a beautiful man but because my feelings for Doug are a gift from God. This came because of a thousand little acts of obedience.” Then we were standing at the back of the church looking in at the congregation. There were five girls with me, the only one who left was the short hair girl.
“See them?” I said pointing at the backs of the crowd.
“Most of them do not even have sex with their spouses anymore, most of the rest feel like they are being used for sex by their husbands or wives, it’s because they are not continuing to choose God’s best. It doesn’t end with marriage, it almost entirely begins. We must continue to choose God’s best and His best continues to be the way of Christ, the way of the cross, denying yourself everyday and taking up your cross, losing your life to gain it. That’s the only way to have real life.”
“Now will it be about you or will it be about Him?” And then I woke up.


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