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Dirty Kitchen, whose watchin’ the Kids?

Dream last night: April 22, 2011
I was in the kitchen of my childhood home. There were so many dirty dishes stacked everywhere that no counter top could be seen and I noticed that the dishes themselves were very beautiful, like gold cups and plates and very nice china. The mess was terrible like a huge party had taken place the night before and everything was simply stacked about in this kitchen. I was feeling quite overwhelmed as I began to clean. As the process began I was giving instructions to the kids that were milling about the kitchen. There were many. My children were there but they were very young. My younger brother Kenny’s children were all there too. I kept trying to clean and keep them safe at the same time. Kenny’s kids got bored of me doing this and walked out of the house through the back door. I wiped my hands and dashed out the back door to find them. They were too young to leave with no supervision. I caught up to them at their house which is just three houses down the street and a crossed one street. As I ran a crossed that street I thought, now my kids are alone at the house and how am I supposed to take care of all these children with no help and clean this kitchen at the same time? As I ran up the front walk of Kenny’s house I notice a number of kids that I didn’t know playing something very dangerous on a loose swing set in the front yard.

“This swing set is not stable!” I yelled and the kids on it all fell backward. Each hurt their head and some their arms and two were crying. Somehow Sophie had gotten down here onto that swing set. I ran up into the house to be sure that Kenny’s kids were okay and saw that they were sitting on the couch looking very bored. So I ran back to my house and found Elias, who looked to be two years old, holding some kind of high tech ice cube. This thing was used to put into drinks and it would freeze up the liquid into an instant slush. It had frozen his pinky and he was slipping the cube into his mouth. He had picked it up from a glass in the dirty dishes. I got down by him and was trying not to panic, “Elias spit the cube out.” But he didn’t know how. So I made the motion with my mouth like it was so fun to do and he mimicked me and it popped out. I grabbed it, looked at it and thought; ‘these do not exist yet’ and at that moment I knew I was in a dream from the Lord.
I went back into the kitchen and started cleaning again when my eldest brother Ron came in. He was scurrying around looking for something.
“What are you looking for?” He laughed and said, “The good scotch”. Just then he found a really golden bottle that I assumed was it. He dashed out carrying the bottle. As he left I asked, “Where is everyone?” He did not answer.
A few seconds later my brother in law Mike entered. He was drunk and smiling. They must all still be at the party I thought. He asked me if I knew where the good alcohol was and I thought ‘why are they drinking the good alcohol in the morning and why won’t they help me even a little.’ When I thought this Mike turned and said, “If I begin to help just for a second you will expect me to help until you are finished.” And he left.
Then my youngest sister Annie came in. She also was looking about. “Help me!” I said to her and she rolled her eyes and walked out. I became angry and called for Sophie who I knew had been hurt on the swing set and also for Elias. I yelled at them and said mean things and told them to help me but they just did not know how. I shook my head and walked out to the back yard.
There I found a large structure. It was very strange. Low to the ground and wide, made out of some sort of high tech material that was a light bluish white. It sprawled over the entire yard. I ducked down and went inside. Inside were large covered tanks of water. In these tanks I saw a young teenage girl climb out and she was wet and had been under water for quite some time. I was amazed and horrified. “What are you doing?” I yelled and tore off the top of the next tank. Inside was another small teenager and I pulled this kid out of the water. This kid was nearly drowned. The man working there said, “We are testing.”
“Testing what?” I demanded. “Too see how much they can take before they are really in danger. We are creating a number of high end tests to build stamina and see what these young ones can endure on their own”. I was a bit confused but as he spoke I realized he was testing to find ways to leave the children alone, and yet make sure they could either endure what could happen to them, or learn how to deal with it through as little attention from adults as possible.

“For Pete’s sake!” I yelled as I destroyed the remaining structures, thinking how very expensive they were to create, “just sit with them! Teach them. They will be safe doing what we have always done!” And I took the three kids back to the kitchen with me. I began to cry as I walked them up the steps and thought, ‘what is happening? Everyone wants to be at the party and no one wants to tend to the children and here they all are…’ and then I woke up.
I was so deeply disturbed and angry that I had to take a few minutes to get my composure. Then I thought about the ice cube. It was a really amazing little thing. It was black with tiny holes all over one side and it had a gold band and small writing on one side. It was made with high quality parts. It also had a little switch that you pushed to turn it on, then you drop it into your drink and bam, your drink is frozen; not solid, but just to the place where you stir and have a slushy.
I could feel that aftermath kind of sick feeling where I know God is waiting for me to ask, so I did.
He told me that my family in the dream was the Family of God. My sisters and brothers were the mature Christians and the kids were the new babes in the Lord. The difficult work not being done was the everyday mechanics of Christian life that need to be done in order to function properly, (my examples here for the impression I got but not given as a list by the Lord) prayer and fasting, learning the Bible, discipleing, hands on work like cleaning the church building, setting up chairs and so on.
The party was symbolic of all the fun benefits of Church life, the fellowship, the worship, hearing from God, and so on. He was showing me that almost every mature believer was very given to the benefits of the Body and was engaged to the point of being excessive. And yet they were grossly neglecting their children; the new believers. They had put a large amount of money into the testing tanks which represented the new programs that are developed to minister to new believer’s void of personal one on one interaction with mature believers. They were willing to give money but not their time and attentions.
I found it very interesting that the mature believers represented by my siblings had to come into that dirty kitchen to get the alcohol. I believe that alcohol represented the Holy Spirit, the new wine.
The unstable swing set represented the efforts of the Babes to create a structure on which they also could find joy but they were not mature enough to build it and when it fell it hurt them all. This is like the new upshot ministries the immature believers create because they see such an enormous need. But no one was taking the time to instruct them or better yet build it for them.
I don’t know why God keeps showing me the Church in these ways. It is my tendency to see the glass half full and enjoy whatever we can but God keeps wanting me/us to take a mature and serious look at where we really are. What are we actually doing with our time? Are we living the full Christian life where we are doing the tedious work, tending to the children, and fellowshipping in joy; all of it so as to be healthy and multiply? Well, no we are not. Take a look at the numbers. The Church is declining all over the country. And here God is asking me to warn you. Stop. Take stock. Grow up. Be responsible. Work hard. Live well. And for the Love of God tend to His children.


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WEMI going Seeker Sensitive?

Hey guys~
I got a chat yesterday from a local pastor informing me that WEMI radio station in the Fox Valley in Wisconsin, USA was saying on the air that they were changing their logo of the cross and taking the word Christian out of their name. I only had a second and wanted to see if anyone else had heard the news so I quickly posted: “WEMI goes Emergent? Seeker Sensitive? Washing the cross off their logo? For real? Wanting to know what’s up with that…” and then in the comment section I wrote:

what I heard and could not confirm was that on the radio today they (WEMI) announced that they were taking the word Christian out of their name and going with Family Radio and taking the cross out of their logo. But again, I couldn’t confirm on their web site. Did anyone else hear this? And why? It feels like denying Christ. Hmmm I need to think about this one and also hear their side.
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A bunch of folks posted and then today I recieved this mass message from Paul Cameron, the GM of WEMI:

Paul Cameron April 15 at 12:03pm Report
Dear Face book Friends;

I’m writing in response to recent postings concerning Christian Family Radio.

The post read: “WEMI goes Emergent? Seeker Sensitive? Washing the cross off their logo? For real? Wanting to know what’s up with that…”

First, we ABSOLUTELY have not backed away from our Christian beliefs or mission. We are not emergent or seeker sensitive. We’ve changed our name, but not our mission. Our vision, mission and foundational principles as approved by our board of directors remains the same.

Vision-Evangel Ministries Inc. serves to educate, encourage and preserve the family through a contemporary and versatile communications platform.

Our Mission: Helping families build healthy relationships.

Foundational Principles:

1. We will advocate and protect the ideals of the traditional family as it is defined and established in the Holy Bible.
2. We believe that truly healthy relationships can only be attained through a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.
3. We will feed the souls of individual family members by offering a daily diet of the Gospel in a variety of compelling ways.
4. The context and content of all our offerings will intentionally and unapologetically be presented from a Christian world view.

Our desire is to do more than ever before in these last days to help lead more souls to Christ. That’s why we became so excited when, after two years of research and survey results from seven hundred listeners and seven hundred non-listeners, we saw that there were so many people within our broadcast areas who are searching for the very thing Christ offers, we just needed to give them a reason to see what we have by focusing on what they are most focused on — family. In much the same way that Focus on the Family uses the family as a platform and Family Life Today uses family and marriage as a platform, though the word “Christian” isn’t in their names and the cross isn’t located anywhere in their logo or marketing materials, they clearly are Christian organizations intent on sharing biblical principles for living life today. As are we.

I want to make it perfectly clear, the cross is still in our logo. In fact, we’re highlighting it in just about every piece we have going out in ways we never did before — again, we are in no way ashamed of Jesus Christ, we’re ready to shout it from the hilltops. We absolutely are in no way, shape or form embracing the emergent church or other movements out there pretending to be Christian and hiding behind a “tolerance” label. Please review our foundational principles again—the context and content of ALL our offerings will UNAPOLOGETICLLY be presented from a Christian world view.

While some have raised the issue of Jim Wallis and Lifest, let me assure you that we did not “support” Jim Wallis by any stretch, but rather chose not to boycott Lifest when that whole issue arose. We did meet with the Lifest organizers prior to the event to express our concerns and we joined with several organizations to work to alleviate future issues along these lines. Following the event I met with Bob Lenz one-on-one and know that he, too, fully understands the position of our ministry. Believe me, we will be very caution about researching future keynote speakers, something we shared with Bob. As Christians, we are called to sharpen each other and help keep each other on the narrow path. That was the direction we chose to walk with Lifest during the Wallis controversy. Please do not interpret that to mean we “supported” Jim Wallis.

There have been some on air staff changes, but no staff member left as a result of this change. Patty Ulrich has been looking to retire from full time work and continue just as Aunt Patty and our Interview Coordinator. Scott Juve, who had hosted the Going Home show for seventeen years, asked for a change and is now on air from 10a to 3p. Plus, Duane Matz moves from evening host to the 3p-6p Going Home show. These changes would have been made regardless of our name change. We are united and excited as a staff to begin this new ministry emphasis, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that it is God-led. Our board, our leadership team and our staff have prayed extensively, seeking God’s wisdom and direction. It’s true, any change is a bit scary, but knowing God is in control has been incredibly heartening and empowering as we implement these changes and see what God will do with it. We are likewise encouraged by the passion and commitment of our listeners and supporters and invite you to join us in this journey.

WE WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE the opportunity to come out and speak to groups who have expressed concern to share with them the long, prayer filled journey we took to get to this place. We welcome your questions, as we are not backing away from anything or hiding anything. Give us a time, location and group and we’ll be there. We are convinced this has been God led, God ordained and God focused, as we took so much time and so much prayer and sought so much clarification throughout the whole 3 year process to get to this point.

Again, thank you for your questions—keep them coming! We welcome your involvement, after all, it’s as much your ministry as ours!

Yours in Christ

Paul Cameron and the Christian Family Radio team.


I found this to be odd being that Mr. Cameron is not my friend on facebook, but my wall is open to the public so I am cool with his response. Back to his message I wrote this:

Joie Pirkey April 15 at 1:17pm
In your post above you write:
“First, we ABSOLUTELY have not backed away from our Christian beliefs or mission.” But can you see how people will think when they see you backing away from the name of “Christian”?

Then you write:
“That’s why we became so excited when, after two years of research and survey results from seven hundred listeners and seven hundred non-listeners, we saw that there were so many people within our broadcast areas who are searching for the very thing Christ offers, we just needed to give them a reason to see what we have by focusing on what they are most focused on — family.”
On family and not on Jesus? You say they are searching for the very thing Christ offers? Surely you can see they need Christ himself not the things He offers? And you are saying that God led you to this new focus? Away from Christ onto Family?

“Please review our foundational principles again—the context and content of ALL our offerings will UNAPOLOGETICLLY be presented from a Christian world view. ” and yet you are removing the title Christian from your name, why is that then? Because you haven’t said in your post here. And I find it to be very important.

Regarding the Wallis issue that you also brought up, I find it odd that you would not take a stand when Wallis was well exposed before Lifest occurred last year and also that you say you did not support him and yet you ran adds for his event. You say in your post, “While some have raised the issue of Jim Wallis and Lifest, let me assure you that we did not “support” Jim Wallis by any stretch, but rather chose not to boycott Lifest when that whole issue arose. ” and yet in your official letter in response to the Wallis issued at the time you wrote: “At this meeting I saw firsthand the passion Bob has for reaching out with the love of Christ to all ages and the conversation about the situation was very candid. Bob had spent 3 days with Jim Wallis before ever even considering inviting him to speak. He saw firsthand his passion for the lost and the hurting. I can also say that we all agreed that the message that Jim Wallis is bringing is one the church needs to hear and to respond to and that is the churches responsibility for the poor. Like others at the meeting, I do not agree with all of his politics, or even some of his non-essential theology, but his message is one that the church desperately needs to hear. ” Just seems that you are walking a very fine line and because of this careful footing I am asking why? What is motivating your choices?

I ask if you are going Seeker Sensitive because by the definition in the Christian Examiner, “A “seeker-sensitive” church (or ministry) is a church whose main purpose is to try to make the church look more attractive to unbelievers.” and then goes on to state, “In a seeker-sensitive church the influence that is brought in is about meeting one’s emotional or “felt” needs rather than preaching the gospel. In fact, the gospel is often paraphrased as an answer for those relational or marital problems, for the angry or the depressed. It is used as a cure for the basic physiological distress rather than teaching the good news of salvation and God’s forgiveness of our sins.” I would say that would be very similar to your assertion of, “…who are searching for the very thing Christ offers, we just needed to give them a reason to see what we have by focusing on what they are most focused on — family”

The problem here is not simply in the logo and the name change but is in the thinking that seems to be driving your direction. I am deeply concerned that it is not God directing these changes but Post Modern Thinking; the same ideology that moves Wallis into his Social Justice or Christ the Rock into the Insider Movement.

Here is a quote from Ross Rohde’s publication, Practical Considerations for Postmodern Sensitive Churches–A follow up to “The Gospel and Postmodernism”, he lists what he believes are the behavioral characteristics of the Postmodern person. These are the top three:
1.) I’m looking for a truth that works for me.
2.) I can only try to see life from my own perspective; reality is too complex to understand it all.
3.) I’m interested in the values of my group and my community.

So many people seeking God with out the cross are engulfed in this kind of thinking. The majority of educated people especially. Those with the most money. To get at some of that wealth churches and ministries need to scrub off the true cross bearing Christianity that offends those who think in Post Modern philosophies. What you are doing Paul, and what you are saying seem so much like this movement and I am concerned. Concerned enough to make a post like I did, concerned enough to research and pray and educate the Body about this dangerous thinking. So I ask you in all love and humility, are you being moved by the Holy Spirit in these changes or are you being driven by a marketing ploy that can easily see where the money lies?

What the world really needs is undaunted evangelists sharing the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ, proud to wear His name,His marks, and His cross while making Him disciples. Let us all strive to obey so well…

I will be praying for your ministry and for the Valley,
Joie Pirkey
Shouts of Joy Ministries

Here is the logo change. The GM of WEMI has written to me, via an email out to supporters, and corrected me in saying that WEMI had kept the cross in the logo. He was referring to the “t” in the word the. Being that the t is the same font and size of the t in the text used for the rest of the wording I am simply not seeing it as a cross. But if you switch up your perspective it could be seen as a cross. However, just not feeling the “light on a hill” here.

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