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North Korea

The past few weeks I have had a number of people inbox me asking about the vision that I had in 2004 about North Korea.  I had posted it on my blog shortly after an act of terrorism happened in Greece in 2007.  See excerpt below:

“Greece, North Korea, CTR: Prepare to Love the People”

Three events were shown to me.  An act of terrorism that would cause the People in Greece to need water would happen first.  Greece burned substantially after four men set fires all over the country in August of 2007.  The second event would be that the President of North Korea would launch a bomb that would cover a large area in white dust and when this bomb hit a very large wind would emit.  Then he calls a number of troops to action.  In the vision this President is barking out and spitting his orders in such a way that seems to indicate that he is demon possessed.  The third event is that a large Church in the Appleton area closes its doors and the attention of the staff is directed on their own agenda and God is asking us to love the people as they endure this turmoil.

So, all that being said, God is calling us to prepare to love well the Body of Christ as is goes through these upcoming trials.  He is calling us to be like the sons of Issachar and know the times that we are in.  He has asked me to speak about these things at least four more times and open the engagements up to the public.

Keep your eye on North Korea. the latest video at

With all of the news recently I wanted to add a few thoughts.

In the vision this is exactly what I saw with every detail:

The President is up close to me, I can only see him from his chest up.  He has the hat on that his dad wore all of the time. It was that hat that helped me figure out who he was. He was in a military uniform. In the background I saw a mushroom cloud come up and boom apart.  White dust fell on everything.  Then he came back into view and was screaming.  He was yelling as loud as he could and a small amount of spit and froth were coming out with his words. At that moment I was told that he was demon possessed.

northkoreaAs he was screaming what seemed to me to be orders, in a language I have never heard before, troops emerged from behind him.  They were dressed in military uniforms. When they marched they held their hands straight down and they were kicking their feet straight out and unusually high.  The President then made a hand gesture thrusting his fist forward.  I assumed it was like an advance order.  That was the end of the vision.

I was only told that he was demon possessed.  That he would call the troops to act.  And that I should be watching for this event because it would mark the time that different events would begin to transpire in the Valley.  (During that same night I saw again people crying in Kimberly because of something that happened to the Pope.)

Let me say here that I was given no indication if NK was bombed or that they launched a bomb.  I simply saw the mushroom bomb behind them.  At the time I assumed they launched the bomb but I was not told that.  Someone had mentioned that because the bomb was exploding behind them maybe they themselves were bombed or maybe they bombed somewhere close to them like South Korea but I do not know.  I have opinions but those are my thoughts about what I saw and am not sure.

That’s it in it’s entirety.



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