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My name is Joie Pirkey and I am married to Douglas Pirkey.  I am a christian.  I am seeking to please Christ.  Since I was a small child I have been gifted with the ability to see and hear into the spiritual sphere.  This ability has caused me many, many problems.  I would never opt out, however, because through it I am getting to know my God. 



  1. do you not return emails,or are we canadians beneath you,and answer your phone,tubes in my mouth,,,

    Comment by brother in law | November 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. hello joie greetings in jesus name. i praise God that god has given u the gift of vision. not only in usa the church is like this as u have seen in the dream it is all over the world it is like this. so pray for the ministry that i am doing among women and kids . pray for my healing i am going through lot of suffering and sickness i am not able to do anything. i need more of Gods people prayer and Gods touch. God bless u . in christ esther.

    Comment by esther | January 4, 2010 | Reply

  3. ?????????????????????? CONCERN ……ADDRESSING HERESY IN THE FOX VALLEY – Exposure and Refutation of the “Jesus in the Quran” Conference Held at CTR
    At the “Jesus in the Quran” Conference held at Christ the Rock Community Church (CTR) this past August, a series of ideas were taught to a number of young people considering the mission field; some staff at CTR; and a number of people interested in ministering to Muslims who attend a variety of churches here in the Fox Valley and surrounding area. These ideas are highly controversial at best. After much research I found that the Emergent Church and some larger Evangelical Churches have been embracing these ideas for the past few years. Locally, for the past two years, CTR has been involved with ministers teaching similar concepts to the “Jesus in the Quran” movement. Janet Lenz, Saharawi Director at CTR, has plans to have the “Jesus in the Quran” people join them on their next trip to Africa this November.

    Comment by brenda | June 4, 2010 | Reply

  4. I just read your article about Brad Liebe and Pastor Betzer’s church. First of all, I must say that I do not agree with what Brad did. I and many others at First Assembly, including our dear pastor, were heartsick about it, as we were about the first scandal that took place at First Assembly. You mentioned that no legal action was taken against Brad. That surprised me since you quoted scripture in your condemnation of how our church handled things. You ought to remember that the Bible tells us not to take our Christian brothers to court, but to handle it with the elders and within the church. You also mentioned that the scandal was swept under the carpet by our church council. Wrong again. Not only did Brad confess his sins in front of the entire congregation, but we had a congregational meeting where all were invited to fully disclose what had happened and to allow the congregation to ask any questions that they wanted to ask. Several other things in your article bothered me also, but in closing, I would like to say…judge not, lest ye be judged. It is true that what Brad did was wrong and as Christians we are to judge between right and wrong, but we are never to judge intents or motives which is what I felt you did with all involved.

    Comment by Anonymous | April 23, 2013 | Reply

  5. Your comments about Christ the Rock in menasha make me sad. Let me tell you a story. I was 16 and basically homeless. Back then they were Solid Rock Ministries. Bob Lenz brought me into his home. His family embraced me despite my stubbornness and deceitfulness. Bob led me to Christ. He mentored me and encouraged me when I wavered. As time went on another member began to mentor me. When he died in a shameful way again the Lenz family was there. Though Pastor Bill and I weren’t close he knew enough the following Sunday to have the fellowship sing “Because He Lives” my mentors favorite song totally off script for that song. Bill reached out cause he knew I needed it. I no longer live in the state but my message to you is by your fruits you shall know them. And by that standard they live up to Jesus command to love one another and then some. And I hope you have some sort of documentation for your slanders against their family and Christ the Rock other then your dreams and visions. It’s such a paradox. You claim divine guidance outside of scriptures which allows no one to challenge your assumptions. It’s quite convenient really.

    Finally let’s pretend all your accusations/slanders were true. Where in scripture did it tell you to publish dirty laundry to the public as a whole who many crave reasons to discredit the church as a whole? How does this bring glory to God? But it certainly does draw attention to you doesn’t it?

    I don’t know why I’m bothering with this. You’ll never let the world see this comment. Because it exposes what you are. Narcissist to the core you claim God speaks these things to you which thousands like me would attest are lies and half truths.

    Have a blessed day and I hope you get help for whatever mental illness you are dealing with

    Comment by Kelly's Chronicles | July 31, 2016 | Reply

    • KELLY, I am so sorry that the current situation at hand is something that is hurting you. I am assuming that it is anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I am very well aware that Bill and family helped many people, me included, You may remember me, Joie Levknecht, I was there in the inception of the church and lived with the Lenz’s for some time. I also worked at Solid Rock for years.

      Ok so you say “Finally let’s pretend all your accusations/slanders were true.” They are true, So they are not slander. And they are being posted for good reason. Hello Kelly, biblical reasons. See Timothy and how to handle a leader in sin, or Matthew 18.

      You say, “Where in scripture did it tell you to publish dirty laundry to the public as a whole who many crave reasons to discredit the church as a whole? (Matthew 18 and 2 Timothy) How does this bring glory to God? It brings glory to God because one, it helps the person in sin to repent. And repentance is freedom. Hide your sin and help others hide their sin and watch where that leads you. To a wonderful loving place? No. To a destructive place. So let’s think about that for a minute. If you really love someone you want them to be ok. You want them to repent. But if you want to be someones friend, the guy who everyone thinks is loyal and cool you say nothing. Heck you even cover sin for the guys. But that is not about them. That is about you.

      Then you say, “But it certainly does draw attention to you doesn’t it?” Are you a crack pot? Crazy? Histrionic? Nuts? Stop and think about this cheap easy accusation for a minute. Attention? What kind of person wants this kind of attention?!?!?! A crazy person maybe. A person who can get no other forms of attention maybe, but surely not someone who is healthy and normal and understands that to take a stand in this current culture of the church means almost always ridicule and mockery and condescension at best. Case in point. Is this really going to be your defense?

      then you go on to say, “Because it exposes what you are. Narcissist to the core you claim God speaks these things to you which thousands like me would attest are lies and half truths.”

      Really/ A narcissist because I love the Lenz’s enough to call them out on the sin that is destroying them and their church? Really? Thousands like you attest that I am lying? With what proof? I know that there is none because I am only telling the truth. Take a half hour and do your due diligence.,

      So we are now in a different set a circumstances. Bill is gone. By his own hand. And who is the narcissist now? The one who risked reputation to try to help him or the one who patted his back because they got something from him?

      Comment by joiepirkey | December 6, 2017 | Reply

      • Somehow I knew you would show up today. You were not “right”. Something happened to Bill. I don’t know what I haven’t been home in years I am saddened to say. I was angry when I wrote my reply to you. You disparage a family I have come to know and love over the years and I saw a side in them you have not. But I should not have said those things. And for that I apologize.

        Comment by Kelly's Chronicles | December 6, 2017

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